Tenjo Tenge

Tenjo Tenge is a manga by "Oh! great", which has really beautiful art, and some interesting characters. It's definitely a shonen manga aimed at boys (there is a lot of gratuitous nudity) however, it has some pretty interesting characters and some great fight scenes. It's currently up to it's 12th volume in Japan, and is serialized monthly in Ultra Jump.

12 Volumes of Tenjo Tenge have been released in Japan. Volume 13 is probably due out soon, since enough chapters have been serialized in Ultra Jump to warrant it.

Here is a nice review of Tenjo Tenge up at the Hanami-gumi website.

Girls, swords, and panties. What more could you want? Tenjyou Tenge is a bit risque, so be sure that you don't mind that sort of thing before downloading.

Tenjo Tenge licensed for US Release!

DC Comics licenses Tenjo Tenge (along with many other titles) to launch their CMX imprint. Because of this, I'm taking my edited images down from the web. Please support good manga in the US - buy Tenjo Tenge when it becomes available. The downloads section will be changed to point to links for my text-only translations of each volume. I will also be translating chapters from Ultra Jump, and will try to make those text translations available for anyone that subscribes to Ultra Jump.