Character list for Tenjo Tenge

This table lists all characters from Tenjo Tenge up to probably 22. Click on the table header to sort the table. The "First Appeared" does not sort properly because I haven't zero-padded the volume numbers. Also, sorting on the Image and Description fields doesn't really make sense, but you can do it.

Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
PersonPersonFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
A general unknown "Person". If the character is given a name, I generally make a character with that name. If the line is by a minor person, I usually just use the "Person" generic character.
583Volume 01 Page 036Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
Natsume AyaNatsume AyaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
棗 亜夜
Full name: Natsume Aya
Fighting style: Natsume Goushin Ryu (Ultrajump digest)
Special abilities: 龍眼 Ryuugan (Dragon Eyes)
Techniques used: flicker jab, Natsume Ryu Konjutsu Kojiri Gaeshi
Positions: Member of Jyuukenbu, 1st year student of Toudou Gakuen
Character and traits: More feminine than her sister Maya, will do anything for Nagi Souichirou
Family: Older sister Natsume Maya
Fiance: Nagi Souichirou (against his will)
Age: 15 (Ultrajump magazine)
Birthday: 10 March (Ultrajump magazine)
Height : 162cm (Ultrajump magazine)
Weight: 43kg (Ultrajump magazine)
Three sizes: 96-50-81 (Ultrajump magazine); 91-59-88
Bloodtype: AB (Ultrajump magazine)
(Thanks to Natsume Maya for excellent profile information.)
From Tenjyou Tenge Volume 3
Techniques Used: Natsume Ryu Konjutsu Kojiri Gaeshi (Natsume Ryu Art of the Rod, Scabbard-tip Riposte)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
Family: Older brother Shin (deceased)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 10
Family: Mother Miya (deceased)
555Volume 01 Page 032Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
Natsume MayaNatsume MayaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
棗 真夜
Fighting style: Natsume Goushin Ryu
Special abilities: none
Techniques used: Natsume Ryu Kouki Renhou Nijusan (Natsume Ryu Ki Moulding Technique Twenty-three)
Positions: Current head of Jyuukenbu, shihandai and kaiden of Natsume Goushin Ryu, 3rd year student of Toudou Gakuen
Character and traits: cool, calm nature (UJ digest); speaks like an old man; often takes chibi form (using Natsume Ryu Ki Moulding Technique Twenty-three) to avoid wasting ki; hair antennae
Family: Younger sister Natsume Aya
Age: 17 (Ultrajump magazine)
Birthday: 20 August (Ultrajump magazine)
Height (normal): 170cm (Ultrajump magazine)
Height (chibi form): 72cm (Ultrajump magazine)
Weight: 49kg (Ultrajump magazine)
Three sizes (normal): 92-53-84 (Ultrajump magazine)
Three sizes (chibi form): 40-??-?? (Ultrajump magazine)
Bloodtype: B (Ultrajump magazine)
(Thanks to Natsume Maya for excellent profile information.)
From Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
Techniques Used: Uraate (Inner Strike); healing through the transmission of ki; Natsume Ryu Kongou Hasshiki Taizan Hou Gou (Natsume Ryu Indestructible Eight Forms, Mount Tai Demolishing Roar); Natsume Ryu Kongou Hasshiki Renkan Tenpen Tetsu Ka Geki (Natsume Ryu Indestructible Eight Forms, Continuous Superlative Iron Flower Attack)
From Tenjyou Tenge Volume 3
Techniques used:Ryuukei Kikou Tan Shin Kou (Dragon-form Qi-gong Forged Needle Action)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
Family: Older brother Shin (deceased)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
Techniques Used:Tetsu Shi Kou (Iron Finger Action)
Maya is revealed as being the "Katana Hunter" that hunted down the members of Shin's group KATANA.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 7
Family: Father Kaima (deceased)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 10
Family: Mother Miya (deceased)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 13
Full name: Natsume Danjou Maya. (Danjou might or might not be some sort of title.)
Associated Ki Element: Wood
546Volume 01 Page 008Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 21 Volume 22
Nagi SouichirouNagi SouichirouFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
宗一郎 凪
Nickname: Demon Exorcist (凶払い - literally "Evil Exorcisit") he is called this by enemies usually.
Supernatural abilitys: His main power, which gives him the nickname of the Demon Exorcist, is the Dragon's Fist. It allows him to absorb the Dragons of other people (both Red and White Feathers.) He has the Black Dragon of the earth, the Water Dragon he absorbed from Ishiyumi Tessen, the Dreagon claws he absorbed from Mataza
Current Position: Souichirou is the only heir of the Nagi clan, he is also a Jyuukenbu member and a first year student.
Age: 15
Birthday: May 8th
Heigth: 165 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Mother: Makiko Nagi
Father: Kago Sohaku
About Soichiro: Souichirou was always a brawler and loved beating other people up. During his earlier childhood he wanted to become strong to take revenge on the person who cut his mothers arm off. Souichirou still wants to become strong and for that reason he joins the Jyuukenbu. He carrys the blood of the exorcists inside him. From the Nagi family he has the ability to tap the unlimited "ki" of the Black Dragon and when fighting opens the red belt earth dragon gate which can channel electricity (when in contact with the ground). Before joining the Jyukenbou he and Bob were known as the "Knuckle Bomb" Duo.
(Contributions by Dark_Harlequin)
497Volume 01 Page 018Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
Takayanagi MasatakaTakayanagi MasatakaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
高柳 雅孝
Fighting style: Mental Universe
Special abilities: Forged Needle, Spirit Universe Disintegrating Horse Hoove Fist (Shini Rikugou Batei Houken), Eight Way Fracas Blast (Hakka Soudoushyou), Massive Phoenix Spreading Wings Backpassing Fist
Assosiations: Memeber of the Jyuukenbu, member of the Takayanagi clan, 2nd year student at Toudou Gakuen.
Character: Good-natured and easy-going. Somewhat nerdy. Has very intense reactions toward younger girls, especially when seeing them in different states of undress. Cares very much for his father and somewhat for his estranged brother Mitsuomi.
Family: father Dougen, mother unknown, older brother Mitsuomi.
Three sizes: What's the equivalent of the "3 sizes" for men? Penis length? Masataka is infamous for coming a bit short, so to speak.
Age: 16
Descrition: A very nice and subdued person, who doesn't like to show off and who tries to be easy-going even toward enemies. Unless seriously pissed off or trying to defend friends, at which time can demonstrate amazing feats of martial arts. Is seriously fixated on his unrequited love toward Natsume Aya. Joined Jyuukenbu to get back at his older brother. Is extremely nerdy when it comes to younger girls, however older women don't seem to excite him as much.
(Contributed by MrProphet)
384Volume 01 Page 008Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
Takayanagi MitsuomiTakayanagi MitsuomiFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 3
高柳 光臣
Special Abilities: Mitsuomi has an increased metabolism that allows him superhuman feats of strength and endurance for three minutes. It comes with a price though: his heart is overstressed by this ability, and he will die in a few years. Forged needle attack (he taught it to Natsume Maya.)
Current position: Mitsuomi is the head of the Enforcement Group, and a 3rd year student at Toudou Gakuen.
Age: 17
Father: Takayanagi Dougen
Brother: Takayanagi Masataka
At this point, we don't know too much about Mitsuomi...
367Volume 03 Page 013Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
Bob MakiharaBob MakiharaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
牧原 Bob
Fighting Style: A style similar to Capoeira
Supernatural abilities: None
Current position: Bob is a member of the Jyuukenbu and a 1st year student
Father: Juan Rodriguez
Girlfriend: Kounoike Chiaki
About Bob: Bob is Souichirou's best friend, together they are the "Knuckle Bomb" Duo. At the moment he's training hard not to fall behind Souichirou and his exorcist abilities. The most important thing in life for Bob is his girlfriend Chiaki and he would do anything for her.
(Contributions by Dark_Harlequin)
277Volume 01 Page 018Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
Tawara BunshichiTawara BunshichiFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 3
俵 文七
Nickname: Double impact Tawara
Supernatural abilitys: None
Current position: He is special advisor in the Comitee but he doesn't realy care about the conflict with the Jyuukenbu.
Family: Names are unknown, but his family runs a rice shop that Bunshichi sometimes works at.
About Bunshichi: Bunshichi is extremly laid back and hates beeing hurt or having to do exausting work. He loves boobs, and is a lecher.
(Contributions by Dark_Harlequin.)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
Nickname: Double impact Tawara
Age: 20 years old, 3 year senior (and he's not proud of it.)
Misc.: He got annoyed at Nagi and Bob for not using polite language to address him.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
Fighting Style: Named "Unorganized Murderous Brawling School, Winning Style" by Kuzunoha Mana, when pressed to describe it.
271Volume 03 Page 160Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 22
(No image)NarrationFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
General Narration text, used when the character is clearly not one of the principal actors, but instead information intended for the reader from the author.
252Volume 01 Page 001Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 7 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21
Natsume ShinNatsume ShinFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
棗 真
Fighting style: Natsume Goshin-ryu
Special Abilities: The Dragon's Eye. The Dragon's Eye allows Shin to basically understand the flow of all "ki" around him, and to predict the future based on that. It seems to be best for the short term, allowing superhuman fighting ability as he can sense an opponent's moves well before they would normally be apparent. Longer-term prognastication is apparently possible as well, although it might only be confied to seeing flashes of future ominous events. Age: 17 (18?) at death
Girlfriend: Kuzunoha Mana
Family: Younger sisters Natsume Maya and Aya
About Shin: Shin was a dark person from the point he touched the ceremonial sword Reiki for the first time and his Dragon Eye ability awoke. Shin was always ripped apart betwen his deep love for his sister Maya and his concern about his friends at Toudou Gakuen.
(Contributions by Dark_Harlequin)
Oh! Great speaks: (From TJTG UJ Special.) He was supposed to be a character that would tell the tale of, and in some way explain, the Dragon's Eye power that Aya now has, but became a more human character through the creation process. While I was thinking of what sort of mind-set a person that has seen his own death would have, he made me thing again about how I viewed those things with the though: "Wouldn't anyone, in the end, forget that everyone has to die, and just try to keep on living?"
151Volume 04 Page 192Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 9 Volume 11 Volume 13 Volume 20 Volume 21
Isuzu EmiIsuzu EmiFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
五十鈴 エミ
Nickname: 'French Bread Head'
Fighting style: Throwing knives (special technique: Shadow Blade) plus karate
Special abilities: She has an (unnamed) special ability that allows her to shape fat, thus she can turn her actually quite huge body into a slim form, hiding numerous weapons, especially her preffered Anki-throwing knives and handcuffs (but also food and clothes) in the cracks between the molded fat. Because of that ability, she has to consume vast amounts of food to maintain a high percentage of body fat so she can fold it.
Positions: Isuzu was the Vice-President of the Enforcement Group until she got abased to some unknown position by Tawara Bunshichi; she also served as a bodyguard and spy for Kuzunoha Mana.
Character and traits: Emi is a highly devoted person who never, ever thinks of giving up, even if the odds of winning are bad - she always tries to satisfy her superiors and is badly in love with Takayanagi Mitsuomi since he saved her from Natsume Shin. Unfortunately for her, he does not reply to her affection at all, sometimes reducing her to a mere puppet that does what he wants her to do, while she is always trying to get his attention, without any success. Because of her love to Mitsuomi, she considers Natsume Maya as her rival, even if she cannot beat her in combat. She can get quite menacing when she gets pissed, especially for guys. Not to forget her strong sense of justice and order.
Family: father, mother and siblings are unknown; all that can be said is that the Isuzu-family served the Takayanagi-clan for ages
Age: 17
(Contributed by Isuzu)
Oh! Great speaks: (From TJTG UJ Special.) She's my favorite female character, but also the hardest to draw. It's very hard to get the balance right between her face and those curls. She seems really strict but in actuality she's an extremely devoted person. She's one of the so-called extinct women with the virtues of ancient Japan. She's extremely strict about showing that nice side though.
UJ Description: She started as one of Takayanagi's body gaurd, and became the lone flower within the Enforcement Group. She has master the art of the Shadow Blade, and can hide multiple weapons on her body. She protects her slim form by using the powers of her arts to fold fat within her body, but in truth she is ... !?
145Volume 02 Page 083Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
Nagi MakikoNagi MakikoFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
凪 真貴子
Special Abilities: She can use the Dragon's Fist, but it has cost her dearly. She only has one arm, and a patch covers one of her eyes.
Family: Nagi Souichirou is her son, and she might have at one time been married to Kago Souhaku Jyouun
140Volume 04 Page 072Volume 4 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21
Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]From Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
菅野 影定
Full name: Sugano Kagesada
Nickname: Asshat (In Japanese: クズ男 - so my translation is quite loose)
Age: 17
Fighting style: Kickboxing (or so I assume, from the pads he wears).
Special Abilities: Satisfying 4 women at once. The Beautiful Flash.
Positions: Asshat is a founding is a member of Jyuukenbu
Character and traits: Ecchi! The man's a perv, he has multiple girlfriends like Hefner; he's very devoted to Maya for what happend 2 years ago and seems to be very affraid of Mitsuomi after nearly dying as a result of the battle between Mistumi and Shin; Asshat is the Jyuukenbu's weakest fighter and serves no real purpose, aside from filling out ranks.
Girlfriends: Suzuran (girl with the spear), Yuugao (Karate girl), Hinagiku (Samurai girl) Nazuna (girl in gym clothes).
(Contributed by zangetsu)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 17
In chapter 103 we see a focus on Asshat and his training. In this chapter, he takes on the responsibility of really being a man, and faces up to his fear that has been haunting him ever since the battle between Mitsuomi and Shin two years ago. He has been working hard to try to be able to face up to it again, and sees again that hellish grin when he faces against the Mayutsubo Nokimi controlled Koumikawa.
129Volume 06 Page 147Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 9 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
Takayanagi DougenTakayanagi DougenFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
高柳 道現
Family: Father of Takayanagi Mitsuomi and Masataka
Current position: A standard businessman office worker
Description: We don't know much about Dougen at this point. He lives with Masataka in a small apartment.
About the Takayanagi family: (From TJTG UJ Special.) The Takayanagi family controls the top of the Japanese Martial Arts world. I don't know the details but it has been this way since ancient times. They say that the heroes of ancient myths and legends were the Takayanagi ancestors, but that is just the prevailing modern interpretation. They are a family of charismatic heroes, and the descendants of the families that came to their aid are the 12 Founding Families. They have been careful to keep their lineage pure since the ancient times so they are the same as back then. For that reason, the Takayangi family and the 12 Founding Families have a sort of counter-measure relationship, and you can say that the Takayanagi family is representative of the 12 Founding Families. But the Takayanagi's fundamentally have stronger abilities due to their direct relationship to the heroes of the past.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
When Natsume Shin formally greets Dougen, he calls him "Master Takayanagi Dougen, master of the Gaoukishi clan fighting division".
123Volume 04 Page 074Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 12 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21
Editorial NoteEditorial NoteFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
I used the "Editorial Note" "Character" early on to put comments in about my translation. Later on, I improved Great Manga Application Onidzuka so that I could put translation notes attached to each translation, and they would appear as footnotes. So this "character" is only used early on.
102Volume 01 Page 001Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 10
Kuzunoha ManaKuzunoha ManaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
葛の葉 まな
Special Abilities: She knows a special brand of acupuncture. Particularly, she used 葛葉針術骨還生想(Kuzunoha acupuncture bone realignment technique)
Position: She's Shin's girlfriend.
Oh! Great speaks: To some degree, I think when a man looks at a woman, they are all super-naturally powerful. She doesn't have anny super powers (unnatural ones) but she was able to predict the exact same future as Shin, who has the Dragon's Eye. In actuality, I think that women really do have this ability, right?
99Volume 05 Page 017Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8
Kabane Myouun HirohikoKabane Myouun HirohikoFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 14
A girl that knows a lot about the red feather powers, and spends a lot of time with Shyoujyou Tokuan Mitsuiro. She has Buddhist seals on her body when we first meet her. The Kabane family is supposed to have control over the dead, but we have not seen her do anything special yet.
96Volume 14 Page 145Volume 14 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20
Mawari MadokaMawari MadokaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 11
Fighting Style: Madoka is a master of bladed weapons. She fights with swords and knives most often.
Madoka is sent by "F" to recover a chip with data on it that Nagi and Aya retrieved from Kyuushyuu with the help of Tsumuji Mataza Yorihira. She gets into a vicious fight with Bob, but fails in her task.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 12
We learn more of Madoka's story, and see that Kago Souhaku Jyouun seems to be controlling her in some way.
Madoka's mother and father were killed by Kago, who has been raising her ever since, deluding her into loving him.
She joins up with the Jyuukenbu, as a charm that helped bind her to Kago is broken.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 13
Madoka teaches Aya some of her art: the "secret technique of Kodachi Hyoue Hasshin" (Eight Gods Short Sword Soldier Defense.)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 22
Her name in Kanji (doesn't show up in my IME): 圓 円
92Volume 09 Page 122Volume 9 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 20 Volume 22
Kurei ShinichirouKurei ShinichirouFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
暮井 新一郎
Nickname: Alien (?)
Supernatural abilites: Sun-light fist. (Well, Aya says that isn't the sun-light fist on page 198 but...)
Current Position: He is the vice captain of the Jyuukenbu and a second year student
Age: 16 earth years
About Kurei: Kurei is the brains of the Jyuukenbu. He doesn't have any fighting abilities but he is extremly clever and know a lot about computers and other technology. Despite the fact that he look like and alien, and has a habit of sucking on juice drink boxes making misleading alien-like sounds, he is realy a nice guy.
(Contributions by Dark_Harlequin)
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 10
Kurei makes spectacular use of the "Solar Fist" on page 130.
83Volume 09 Page 139Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
(No image)WritingFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
Writing, like on signs and stuff.
78Volume 01 Page 006Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 21 Volume 22
Kago Souhaku JyouunKago Souhaku JyouunFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 11
籠 宗魄
Fighting style: ??? (unknown)
Supernatural Abilities: Can control other people (and increase their power) through a small round charm, unknown if this is a red feather power or another ability.
Current position: Head of F, Current leader of the red feather Kago family
Age: ??? (unknown)
Family: Son: Nagi Souichiro, Ex-wife (?): Nagi Makiko
About Souhaku: The mysterious true head of "F", which he founded 8 years ago. Thus far his motivations and plans are still mostly unknown. He abandoned his wife Makiko after cutting off her right arm 8 years ago. Ally and backer of Mitsuomi during his coup d'etat 2 years ago, seem to have had a falling out recently. A preist of some sort (possibly an Onmyou mystic, uses shikigami) , his family has an important position among the 12 families, they have the inheritance of "seirei" (holy or dead spirits). Lost the tips of his fingers on right hand when Masataka broke charm he was contolling Fuchien with. Uses a large sword carried by Tetsuhito. The "Jyouun" in his name is most likely a title of some sort, possibly relating to the Onmyou religion.
(Contributed by kk1)
70Volume 11 Page 096Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21
Tsumuji Mataza YorihiraTsumuji Mataza YorihiraFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About Tsumuji family: The ones that go in after the long distance attack forces are the Spear Guard. They are called the 8 Spears of Tsumuji. They say that there is essentially 8 spear-wielding families that have worked for the Tsumuji over the generations.
67Volume 09 Page 011Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 13 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21
Kounoike ChiakiKounoike ChiakiFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
鴻池 千秋
Chiaki is Bob Makihara's girlfriend, and a normal student at a regular high school. She is beaten up and raped by Ryuuzaki Tsutomu as part of unauthorized retribution for Bob and Nagi's actions by the Enforcement Group. This sets the stage for encouraging Bob and Nagi to join the Jyuukenbu, and future conflicts with the Enforcement Group.
66Volume 01 Page 085Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 8 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 20 Volume 22
Tagami ShirouTagami ShirouFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
田上 士郎
Current Position: 3rd division group leader (UJ TJTG Special)
Weapon: He uses a bo-staff to fight with.
Character: Tagami is a true gentleman, and believes in the ideals of the Samurai Warrior. He has a stuttering problem. He has dedicated his life to serving Takayanagi Mitsuomi because he believes that Mitsuomi is an honorable warrior.
Oh! Great speaks: (From TJTG UJ Special.) Actually, I really like this guy. When I was asked to do a special on Tenjo Tenge, I was a little sad when my idea of drawing a short story about him was instantly dismissed. Just like Isuzu, he portrays the characteristics of the now extinct Japanese man.
UJ Description: A man overflowing with chivarly who calls himself a Bushi (warrior), and wields a staff. Just the opposite of how he looks, he hates cowardly methods, and is very pure.
66Volume 02 Page 068Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 9 Volume 12 Volume 14 Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 21 Volume 22
Ishiyumi Tessen (F)Ishiyumi Tessen (F)From Tenjo Tenge Volume 8
穹 鉄線
Nickname: Called Te-chan by Mawari Madoka. Everyone one else refers to him by his family name.
Fighting style: Archer
Special abilities: Watter bullets formed by opening the gate to his Water Dragon.
Positions: Member of team F, head of the Ishiyumi clan and head of one of the 6 white feather founding families.
Age: 15
Family: Unamend father who used to be the head of the Ishiyumi family.
Hobbies: Shooting pool, Archery, Darts and collecting Kamen Rider memorabilia.
Character and traits: A fellow classmate of Nagi, he shares his love of japanese superheoes and was so taken with Nagi he requested he become a fellow member of team "F." However, after the loss of his Dragon he seems to have changed in aperance as well as pesonality. While once a carefree fighter who would jokingly toy with and gloat over his opponet, he now appears cold and ruthless and is obsessed with regaining his lost Dragon gate and punishing those who cospired against him. He is the 2nd strongest member of F and one of the only ones truly devoted to Mitsumi.
64Volume 08 Page 165Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 11 Volume 13 Volume 14
StudentStudentFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
A general unknown Student character. Used when I am not sure who is talking, or it is just some student that is not specified.
63Volume 01 Page 018Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 12
Tsumuji Mataza (F)Tsumuji Mataza (F)From Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Fighting style: The 8 Spears of the Tsumuji Family
Supernatural abilitys: The Dragon Claws. This ability allows him to harden his hands into incredibly strong weapons.
Current Position: Mataza is ( or was until the fight with Souichirou) the current leader of the Tsumuji house, he is a member of F, his school grade is not known.
Age: 16
Family: Father Yohira, Mother (name unknown) from the Shyukyou branch of the Kabane family, half brothe Yorimasa
About Mataza: Mataza was given back to his father by his mother who did't have the money to raise him (and it is implied that she prostituted herself.) There he was treated so badly by his half brother Yorimasa that he one day freaked out and attacked his half brother Yorimasa. When his father stopped him and broke the spear he was using, a shard of the spear went through his eye puncturing his brain. This injury awakened his power. As Dougen told his father it's a very rare way for a power to awaken but it does happen. Later when Mitsuomi took controll over the Takayanagi house, he badly injured his father, burned the eight traditional spear bearers of the Tsumuji famaly as they refused to serve him and took the remaining eight spear army for himself. Mataza rejects the power of his Dragon's claws early on, and embraces technology, being very technologically adept himself. He controls a backpack that wields mechanical arms hidden under his cloak, giving him control over multiple spears and devastating fighting ability, as well as a spider motif.
(Contributions from Dark_Harlequin and kk1)
61Volume 09 Page 122Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 17 Volume 20 Volume 21
SagaraSagaraFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
Sagara has two distinct personalities: Sagara the student, and Sagara Mask.
Sagara Mask: Asked to punish the Jyuukenbu for their transgressions against the Enforcement Group, Sagara Mask is the masked form of Sagara that fights ruthlessly.
Sagara: Sagara is the student. He's a nice guy, and really just wants to do whatever he can to elevate the status of his Wrestling group to that of an official club.
Positions: Leader of the Wrestling group, which is not yet an official club.
Oh! Great speaks: I really wanted a grappler of some sort. This was right at the time when Brazilian Jyujyutsu was popular but I wanted a different kind of flavor, so I made him a pro-wrestler. You've gotta love this idiotic muscleman.
UJ Description: A school Enforcer, he's a muscular type that goes by the name "Saga Mask". He's the president of the Professional Wrestling research club, and a cornerstone of the Enforcement Group!
59Volume 02 Page 039Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 16 Volume 21 Volume 22
Fu Chi'enFu Chi'enFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
Fighting Style: Tiger-fist style (Koken)
Special Abilities: Fu Chi'en is an Earth Dragon user, and commands the power of lightning when his feet are touching the ground.
Associations: Fu Chi'en has been brought to Japan from China by Pei-san, under the auspicies of the Takayanagi corporation. He spends time observing Shin and Mitsuomi.
Description: Fu Chi'en comes off as an arrogant, cocky bastard.
Oh! Great speaks: Because I didn't have a character to do all the crap-work. His character was planned to show off the raw power of the Dragon's Eye. He ended up doing a lot more than I originally planned, and surprisingly made another appearance. On top of that, Tiger-fist style (Koken) really exists. But it really doesn't have much to do with real tigers.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Fu Chi'en helps to train Takayanagi Mitsuomi at the Takayanagi corporation's facilities with Pei-san's help.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 7
Fu fights with Natsume Shin, after it is implied that Fu's men raped Natsume Maya. Fighting Shin probably wasn't Fu's best move; he lost both of his hands at the wrists...
Later, he is shown recuperating at the hospital, and receives some nasty-looking sword prothestics.
They don't help much as Natsume Shin comes in and totally kicks his ass again, brutally.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 11
Fu Chi'en's line here is in a short flashback sequence that Natsume Maya is remembering.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 12
This volume marks the appearance of "Zombie Fu" - Fu Chi'en, mostly undead, kept alive by Kago Souhaku Jyouun's power.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 14
Fu Chi'en is also shown to be complicit in Souhaku's early disfigurement of Makiko.
47Volume 05 Page 166Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 14 Volume 19
[Ancient Arc] Nagi Ichiyou Kengo[Ancient Arc] Nagi Ichiyou Kengo44Volume 15 Page 095Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 22
Kagiroi Tetsuhito (F)Kagiroi Tetsuhito (F)44Volume 12 Page 082Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14
Inue Noriko ShindayuuInue Noriko ShindayuuFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 14
Inue is overseeing the operation to force "Ki" from Nagi Makiko's dragon into her left eye, and its removal. (In a flashback sequence that Aya sees.)
39Volume 13 Page 037Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15 Volume 20
Mayutsubo NokimiMayutsubo NokimiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 17
Mayatsubo Nokimi is likely a pseudonym or not a real name, but that is how she was introduced, so that is what I will call her until I find something better. (I used "Razor Girl" for a while as well.) I'm not sure if this is the girl with the box cutter from chapter 101, but I think it is. She is also shown as a traditional witch with big nose, warts, and all, but I think that is just an explanatory image of her "witchcraft." Thank you, Oh! Great, for using a more appealing character design. She seemed kind of sad and very disappointed that Koumikawa Hitomi was so "weak" - not a challenge for her - when she fought and defeated her. According to Isuzu Emi, this person is a Magician, one of the 23 people on the list of "People with Unusual Abilities", which I translated as (inaccurately!) "the Red Feather List".

In chapter 103, we learn from Tsumuji Mataza (F) that she is from a Souhaku branch family, the Rikudou family (characters mean "six roads") and she is the "57th of the sexagenary cycle" (wtf? A sexagenarian is someone who is from 60-69 years old, but...?) She is supposed to be one of Souhaku's confidants, and her power is "important" to Mitsuomi's plan as well.

36Volume 17 Page 049Volume 17 Volume 18
KagurazakaKagurazakaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 3
Fighting Style: Gay Tae Kwon Do
Not much is known about Kagurazaka. He's one of Mitsuomi's bodyguards. He speaks and acts very gay.
Oh! Great speaks: He uses "gay Tae Kwon Do". I haven't had a good chance to show him off yet, and I probably won't have a good chance from here on out either. My first gay character. After drawing him, I made an acquaintance with a gay man for the first time and came to understand what it means to be gay, and right then I decided I couldn't use him as much. Regrettable...
UJ Description: The leader of Mitsuomi's bodyguard, he is (at least for the time being) a man. He doesn't have many places to escape to, and has many ambiguous points but one thing is for sure: he's strong.
35Volume 03 Page 098Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 14 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 22
ReikiReikiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
Special Abilities: Reiki is strange; it seems like it induces madness in Shin, and Shin himself says to Maya (on Page 56) that "Reiki ... will suck all of the power out of you. When it does, you will have to confront all of the power that you had face to face. And do you think you will win?" Isuzu Emi tells Natsume earlier on: "If there's even a 1 in a million chance that she's using 'Reiki' then it's way beyond your ability to handle alone" when talking to Maya about Aya. So it seems that Reiki makes one more powerful... It certainly though, is one of the root causes of Shin's madness.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 7
Takayanagi Dougen says about Reiki (Page 59): 'This damn evil Katana. It's shaking from excitement because its Master has "woken up"'
Fu Chi'en chimes in about Reiki as well (Page 61): 'Look at this ... When was it ... That unctious guy ... Tawara-kun I think. He said that if Shin didn't have that Katana that his skills were second-rate but ... He was wrong. Once it is starts, his "power" becomes so strong that he isn't able to suppress it without "Reiki" ... Back then, Shin didn't want the Katana so he could win. He was afraid that he would kill Shin and the others around him in rage ...'
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 8
Aya takes Reiki, and gets into an argument with Maya over it. It seems like Reiki enables the Dragon's Eye in Aya: on Page 142 she says '... If I only had Reiki ... If I could only use the Dragon's Eye ... I would win', talking about the fight she had with her sister.
33Volume 05 Page 047Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 11 Volume 14 Volume 16 Volume 18
[Ancient Arc] Aya[Ancient Arc] AyaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 15
Natsume Aya's ancestor in the Ancient Arc. She seems mean. She has control of the Dragon's Pupil, which makes people see illusions with the help of bugs and moths. This might be before the Dragon's Eye power split off from the Dragon's pupil. She really doesn't like [Ancient Arc] Nagi Ichiyou Kengo, and seems to have a very mean streak herself.
32Volume 15 Page 061Volume 15 Volume 16
[Ancient Arc] Ono Jirou Emon Tadaaki[Ancient Arc] Ono Jirou Emon TadaakiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 15
One of the main characters in chapters 89 and 90, a swordsman that sings a lot. He is involved with Aya, although he does not know that she is Natsume Aya. In chapter 90, he is killed by the 12 Founding Families, and it looks like his appearance is assumed by Shyoujyou. Also, a real historical figure.
31Volume 15 Page 070Volume 15
GirlGirlFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
A generic character for an unknown young female speaker.
In this instance, a bunch of school girls are trying to get Masataka's attention, and they appear to be quite smitten by him. He seems (strangely) oblivious to it...
29Volume 04 Page 078Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 7 Volume 9 Volume 15 Volume 16 Volume 17
Enmi EnmaEnmi Enma25Volume 09 Page 177Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11
Kabuto Katsuyoshi (F)Kabuto Katsuyoshi (F)From Tenjo Tenge Volume 11
Name: Katsumi Kabuto from the Ultra Jump special. Katsuyoshi was mentioned once in the manga.
Fighting style: ??? (unknown, but the Kabuto family is known as the family that oversees and commands the 6 other white feather families in battle.)
Supernatural Abilities: ??? (unknown)
Current position: He is a member of F, school grade and family position is unknown at this moment
Age: ??? (unknown)
About Kabuto: Not much is known about this mysterious member of F. He seems to be the leader behind many actions of F and he seems to avoid open combat which is why his abilitys and fighting style are not known. He orders the other members of F around, but is clearly afraid of Souhaku. He runs from Souhaku after leting him down by not being able to retrieve the Enmi family data chip.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 13
Kabuto is tracked down by Ishiyumi, who viciously beats him, possibly killing him.
25Volume 11 Page 016Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13
Kamura ShidzuruKamura Shidzuru24Volume 13 Page 074Volume 13 Volume 14
Shyoujyou Tokuan MitsuiroShyoujyou Tokuan MitsuiroFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 14
A tall girl who apparently has large breasts - bigger than Aya according to Kabane Myouun Hirohiko. She hates being called Shyoujyou (Orangutang), and especially hates it when Kabane Myouun Hirohiko calls her that. She was carrying a long pole-type object in what looked like a pool-stick carrying case when we first see her. Her powers are currently unknown.
23Volume 14 Page 145Volume 14 Volume 16 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20
Enmi MoukiEnmi MoukiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Special Abilities: Has the ability to induce hallucinations in others via the poison from the wings of a certain type of moth. This is an Enmi family ability.
UJ Description: This young boy who suddenly appeared at the Natsume residence is the heir of the Natsume branch family, Enmi, Mouki. Souichirou and Aya's anger explodes at the way that Mitsuomi aims to rule over weaker people!
22Volume 09 Page 177Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11
[Ancient Arc] Kabane Myouun[Ancient Arc] Kabane MyouunFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 15
Myouun appears along with Shyoujyou and Natsume Aya in the ancient arc as a dead priest.
22Volume 15 Page 082Volume 15
Ryuzaki TsutomuRyuzaki TsutomuFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
竜崎 務
Positions: A peon in the lower-levels of the Enforcement Group.
Associated Ki Element: Fire.
Oh! Great speaks: His direction has also changed 2 or 3 times since serialization started, but he's an important initial planned character. Being a flame elemental user would normally be on par with the main characters but, I feel like it was kind of a waste to give this power to him.
UJ Description: He originally never agreed with the Enforcement Group doctrine. He doesn't choose a method for the goal, but just enjoys the method itself. He fights using spirit- based flame.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
Ryuzaki has a very funny comic relief appearance, while convalescing in the hospital.
CMX is going to really have to pull out their censors for this one.
21Volume 01 Page 104Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 4
HotaruHotaruFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Hotaru family: Using the Dragon's Palm, the Hotaru family is able to heal any sort of injury. They do not fight in any battles.
20Volume 09 Page 010Volume 9 Volume 12 Volume 18 Volume 22
[Ancient Arc] Shyoujyou[Ancient Arc] ShyoujyouFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 15
One of the 12 Founding Families in the Red Feathers. Looks like he can assume the appearance of anyone, although possibly he has to have their head to do it. He first shows up as Sakuma Zenki, then takes on the form of Ono Jirou Emon Tadaaki.
19Volume 15 Page 088Volume 15 Volume 16
Master ToudouMaster ToudouFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
A teacher at Toudou Gakuen - quite a surprise when Bob and Nagi first saw him. They didn't even know there were teachers at the school...
He is on very friendly terms with Natsume Maya, and tries to support her when possible.
18Volume 04 Page 081Volume 4 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 17 Volume 22
Taxi DriverTaxi DriverFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
Special Abilities: He is always there when a Tenjo Tenge character needs a taxi (due to his bad luck)
Current Position: He is a Taxi driver and married
About the Taxi driver: This poor guy has the bad luck of being the first taxi driver crossing Bunshichi's way when he wanted to beat up Shin. His car nearly gets crushed there. 2 years later nearly the same thing happenes to him with Makiko. In addition his wife is always unfaithfull to him. Really a poor guy.
(Contributed by Dark_Harlequin)
18Volume 05 Page 160Volume 5 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 13 Volume 14
(No image)Kabane Nui15Volume 19 Page 099Volume 19 Volume 20
(No image)Naration15Volume 22 Page 001Volume 22
Hayabusa BrotherHayabusa Brother15Volume 10 Page 014Volume 10
English TeacherEnglish TeacherFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
A teacher at Toudou Gakuen. I'm not actually sure that he is the English Teacher, but that is what I have been calling him.
Apparently, he used to be a student at Toudou Gakuen himself, and is quite the fighter.
14Volume 04 Page 099Volume 4 Volume 6 Volume 8
Pei-sanPei-sanFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 8
An administrator (from China?) who helped to train Mitsuomi
13Volume 08 Page 009Volume 8 Volume 19
Rotsukaku RaikaRotsukaku RaikaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 17
She is a first year student that is part of the Tournament Steering Committee, generally regarded as the referees of the tournament. Each group gets one person assigned to them and that person reports back the situation of the matches and fighting circumstances to the main headquarters.
Her name is kind of a joke: she is using a Leica M8 camera, and her name sounds the same as Leica. The Leica M8 came out in late 2006, retailing for about $4800 currently.
13Volume 17 Page 039Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20 Volume 22
Koumikawa HitomiKoumikawa HitomiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 17
小海川 瞳
3rd year student, President of the 5th Jyujyutsu Club. Their group has 108 members, and has won the Election Tournament two times in the past 10 years, always making the best 8. Hitomi is said to be very strong, and has unsurpassed ground skills. They say that when she fights with a man, the men always go down with an idiotic grin on their face. She was ranked 2nd behind only the Enforcement Group's Isuzu Emi in the school-wide "Girl I would like to be stomped on by" ranking.
Her catch-phrase is "Ewh, that is so annoying." (うっざいんですけど?)
12Volume 17 Page 028Volume 17
Amano RyuukaiAmano RyuukaiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
I don't remember much about Amano Ryuukai - he is an antagonist from the past arc. He encounters Maya and tries to take credit for the "Katana Hunting" that is going on. When he tells Maya that people always go easy on her because of who her brother is, they get into a fight.
12Volume 04 Page 209Volume 4 Volume 5
[Ancient Arc] Kago Souhaku Jyouon[Ancient Arc] Kago Souhaku Jyouon11Volume 16 Page 085Volume 16
(No image)Shima Sakon11Volume 18 Page 109Volume 18 Volume 19
(No image)[Ancient Arc] Ieyasu11Volume 16 Page 009Volume 16
(No image)Ghost8Volume 15 Page 055Volume 15
[Ancient Arc] Senhime[Ancient Arc] Senhime8Volume 15 Page 126Volume 15 Volume 16
[Ancient Arc] Sanada[Ancient Arc] Sanada7Volume 16 Page 029Volume 16
Katou YoshikiKatou YoshikiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
加藤 義生
Positions: 3rd year student at Toudou Gakuen, Captain of the 2nd Karate Group
Description: In the past arc, he opposed Takayanagi Mitsuomi early on.
7Volume 06 Page 044Volume 6
[Ancient Arc] Yagiyuu Shinjirou Yoshikatsu[Ancient Arc] Yagiyuu Shinjirou Yoshikatsu7Volume 16 Page 011Volume 16
[Ancient Arc] Wani[Ancient Arc] Wani7Volume 15 Page 166Volume 15 Volume 16
Tsumuji Mataza YorimasaTsumuji Mataza Yorimasa7Volume 10 Page 190Volume 10
TeacherTeacherFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
A generic teacher at Toudou Gakuen. In this case, addressing the entire school before the Election Tournament.
From Tenjo Tenge Volume 8
Two Toudou Gakuen teachers are playing Go in the Faculty room when Aya and Maya come busting through fighting each other...
7Volume 06 Page 045Volume 6 Volume 8 Volume 16
Inosato DanInosato DanFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 7
猪里 弾
Positions: The Captain of the Jun Fan Kung Fu club. Info: Part of the "Special Team Opposed to the Jyuukenbu", a collection of (in the words of Tawara Bunshichi) "the most skilled martial artists from the school". Jun Fan Kung Fu is name of Bruce Lee's self-developed martial arts style. It is also known as Jeet Kune Do. For the record, Inosato Dan is dressed as Bruce Lee from his film "Game of Death." Finally, Dan Inosanto was one of Bruce's top students, and still teaches Jeet Kune Do. More information on Guro Dan Inosato
7Volume 07 Page 112Volume 7
[Ancient Arc] Honda Sadonokami Masanobu[Ancient Arc] Honda Sadonokami Masanobu6Volume 15 Page 111Volume 15 Volume 16
(No image)Susanou6Volume 20 Page 160Volume 20 Volume 21
(No image)Priestess6Volume 14 Page 005Volume 14
Katana Member 3Katana Member 3From Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
A member of Natsume Shin's group "KATANA". The members were hunted down one-by-one.
6Volume 05 Page 119Volume 5
[Ancient Arc] Midori[Ancient Arc] MidoriFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 15
A nice prostitute that is friendly with Aya, and takes care of her "younger sister", Youko. Meets a sad end in Chapter 90 for such a nice girl.
5Volume 15 Page 074Volume 15
(No image)[Ancient Arc] Sano Shyume5Volume 15 Page 111Volume 15
Iwaki KenjirouIwaki KenjirouFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
厳 健次郎
Positions: 3rd year student at Toudou Gakuen, Sub Captain of the First Karate Group
Description: The first and second Karate groups share a Dojo in the past Arc. Natsume Shin wanted it for the Jyuukenbu which he just founded. And he got it.
5Volume 06 Page 126Volume 6 Volume 7
DoctorDoctorFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 7
A random doctor character. Shows up again later in volume 9.
5Volume 07 Page 094Volume 7 Volume 9 Volume 22
NazunaNazunaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Positions: One of the "Four Heavenly Divas" Sugano Body Guard.
Description: She carries around Tonfu, and dresses in a school-girl's gym clothes.
5Volume 09 Page 146Volume 9 Volume 11
IshimatsuIshimatsuFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
A member of Natsume Shin's group KATANA that was killed. He was the member that told Bunshichi details about that attacker that led to the discovery of the attacker's identity.
5Volume 05 Page 028Volume 5
(No image)Natsume Iyo5Volume 20 Page 106Volume 20
[Ancient Arc] Sakuma Zenki[Ancient Arc] Sakuma ZenkiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 15
Another real historical figure. See [Ancient Arc] Itou Ittousai for more information. Apparently, this isn't actually Sakuma Zenki, but is instead Shyoujyou impersonating him.
5Volume 15 Page 077Volume 15
Katana Member 2Katana Member 2From Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
A member of Natsume Shin's group "KATANA". The members were hunted down one-by-one.
I think she's funny looking.
5Volume 05 Page 077Volume 5
Katana Member 1Katana Member 1From Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
A member of Natsume Shin's group "KATANA". The members were hunted down one-by-one.
5Volume 05 Page 077Volume 5
(No image)Nemoto Akinaga5Volume 17 Page 086Volume 17
(No image)BikerFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Two random biker punks giving Takayanagi Mitsuomi some lip in the past arc.
4Volume 06 Page 098Volume 6
Editor's NoteEditor's Note4Volume 09 Page 029Volume 9
(No image)[Ancient Arc] Kago Souhaku4Volume 15 Page 134Volume 15
KanekitaKanekitaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 4
Fighting Style: Kendo
Position: Member of the Kendo club
A member of the Kendo club who was sent to take down Bob and Souichirou.
He looks suspiciously like a Kappa (a type of Japanese turtle-headed monster.)
Bob and Souichirou manage to defeat him, and he isn't seen again.
4Volume 04 Page 085Volume 4
Koujimachi KaneteruKoujimachi KaneteruFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 17
麹町 兼照
3rd year student, President of the Armor Kurashion (甲冑クラシオン), the armoured fighting club. He seems to really like Oak trees for some reason, and thinks that the Helment Beetle is the best beetle of them all. Their club has taken techniques based on a warrior whose sword was broken and armor depleted by arrow attacks in the past, and mixed it with techniques from modern fighting styles. According to Kurei, he is ranked 23rd overall in the school.
4Volume 17 Page 032Volume 17
Marantz Tadokoro GonzolesMarantz Tadokoro GonzolesFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 17
Bowgun Association Leader. They are chosen in the first round as one of the Jyuukenbu's opponents. Strangely, their very low-level group was able to obtain a prime location usually occupied by one of the major Archery groups. They were promised large rewards by Isuzu Emi from the Enforcement Group if they could take out the Jyuukenbu in the first round. Tagami Shirou was very unhappy about that arrangement.
4Volume 17 Page 019Volume 17
(No image)Nurse4Volume 05 Page 075Volume 5 Volume 22
Katana Member 4Katana Member 4From Tenjo Tenge Volume 5
A member of Natsume Shin's group "KATANA". The members were hunted down one-by-one. This guy is named Wu-tan.
4Volume 05 Page 120Volume 5
(No image)Makihara MickeyFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 22
Bob and Chiaki's daughter.
4Volume 22 Page 070Volume 22
(No image)Sakaguchi KentaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 22
The captain of the second karate club, the House of Wolf Defense. Fights Bob in the Election Tournament's semifinals.
4Volume 22 Page 084Volume 22
KabutoKabutoFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Kabuto family: Kabuto manages the 6 White Feather Founding Families, playing the role of the so-called commander. The 5 groups of Ishiyumi, Kagiroi, Tsumuji, Madoka, and Wani deal with the battle based on the direction of Kabuto.
4Volume 09 Page 036Volume 9
(No image)PoliceFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
The police were chasing after Sagara Mask's group of suspicious looking "masked men", but they lost them.
4Volume 02 Page 058Volume 2 Volume 5
SuzuranSuzuranFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Positions: One of the "Four Heavenly Divas" Sugano Body Guard.
Description: Probably specializes in spear and pole-arm techniques. Dresses as a normal school girl, but carries around a big pole-arm of some sort.
3Volume 09 Page 156Volume 9 Volume 11
IshiyumiIshiyumiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
The ex-leader of the Ishiyumi family.
About the Ishiyumi family: (From TJTG UJ Special.) The arrows that first cut into the advance guard in a battle. Together with Kagiroi, they play the role of starting a battle, as a long distance striking force. Ishiyumi Tessen was also the first to start the battle between the Jyuukenbu and F.
3Volume 09 Page 010Volume 9
Gushiken KaoruGushiken KaoruFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 17
具志堅 薫
3rd year student, President of the Taidou Club. He talks a big talk about the body's "central pivot line" and how all the major damange points on a body line up with that line from the head down. His approach is to intentionally move in ways that open that line up to attack, as opposed to the natural stance that would protect that line. Opponents who are used to martial arts are surprised by that tactic.
3Volume 17 Page 030Volume 17
(No image)Enmi Enki3Volume 09 Page 179Volume 9 Volume 10
Shin's MotherShin's MotherFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Full Name: Natsume Miya
This is a ghostly image that haunts Shin.
Note how she's split in half...
3Volume 06 Page 173Volume 6
KagiroiKagiroiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Kagiroi family: The artillery division that engages the vanguard along with Ishiyumi. We don't know anything more than that. The current leader has a Beckham haircut, and it seems like he can use the Dragon's Palm...!?
3Volume 09 Page 011Volume 9
ShoujouShoujouFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Shyoujyou family: The Shyoujyou family, just like the Wani family, is at this stage completly wrapped up in mystery. Shyoujyou is similar to a live version of that monkey from Chinese legends, and should be careful about drinking alcohol...!?
Note: The kanji for Shyoujyou means "Orangutang".
3Volume 09 Page 010Volume 9
(No image)[Ancient Arc] YoukoFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 15
Apparently Aya's younger sister, but in reality is a boy, Nagi Ichiyou Kengo, Nagi's ancestor. [Ancient Arc] Natsume Aya really doesn't like him, and has commanded that he stay at least 6 feet away from her at all times. Shyoujyou tells Nagi that he should fight back against her, since he actually has the higher social position as one of the strongest of them all.
3Volume 15 Page 074Volume 15
(No image)Sawagani3Volume 22 Page 044Volume 22
[Ancient Arc] Inue Noriko Shindayuu[Ancient Arc] Inue Noriko Shindayuu3Volume 16 Page 072Volume 16
NinjaNinjaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Members of 芥川忍軍五鬼 ("The Akutagawa 5 Demons Ninja Group"), the Jyuukenbu's first opposing group in the Election Tournament competition.
3Volume 06 Page 188Volume 6
Chikaze EnChikaze EnFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 7
地風 炎
Positions: Captain of the Rouken (devoted fist) Group (籠拳部の主将), ranked 6th in the entire school.
Info: Part of the "Special Team Opposed to the Jyuukenbu", a collection of (in the words of Tawara Bunshichi) "the most skilled martial artists from the school". On a personal note, I (FuguTabetai) really like Chikaze En - he has a funky basketball style martial arts.
3Volume 07 Page 113Volume 7
Suko FurioSuko FurioFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 7
須子 振男
Positions: Captain of the 3rd Karate Group, ranked 5th in the entire school.
Info: Part of the "Special Team Opposed to the Jyuukenbu", a collection of (in the words of Tawara Bunshichi) "the most skilled martial artists from the school". Suko Furio seems to be based on a real-life person; Agent_Wax tracked down some information.
2Volume 07 Page 134Volume 7
[Ancient Arc] Sagazaki Dewanokami[Ancient Arc] Sagazaki Dewanokami2Volume 16 Page 038Volume 16
[Ancient Arc] Yodo-gimi[Ancient Arc] Yodo-gimi2Volume 16 Page 028Volume 16
ChiakiChiaki2Volume 16 Page 114Volume 16
[Ancient Arc] Itou Ittousai[Ancient Arc] Itou IttousaiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 15
This character is a real historical figure, who created a style of swordfighting (Ittou Ittousai ryu) based on his practical experience as a swordfighter. History says that he had two of his best students, Ono Jirou Emon Tadaaki and Sakuma Zenki fight to the death in a field to determine who would pass on his technique. To the winner, Ono Jirou, he gave his sword and a scroll of the secret techniques of his fighting style.
2Volume 15 Page 068Volume 15
Arahan SeitoArahan SeitoFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 17
阿羅漢 聖人
Leader of the Shyourinji Kenpo Club. They are a weak club, composed of members that just wanted to hang out and slack off. When they are randomly chosen to oppose the Enforcement Group in the first round, the entire team is easily taken out by an unhappy Tagami Shirou, who does not like such uneven fights.
2Volume 17 Page 014Volume 17
Hina GikuHina GikuFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Positions: One of the "Four Heavenly Divas" Sugano Body Guard. Description: She dresses as a Kendo warrior, and carries a sword around.
2Volume 09 Page 156Volume 9 Volume 11
(No image)Enmi Enshi2Volume 09 Page 178Volume 9
(No image)Mishima Heihachi2Volume 22 Page 053Volume 22
Shin's FatherShin's FatherFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Full Name: Natsume Kaima
A ghost that haunts Shin.
Note the decapitated head.
2Volume 06 Page 173Volume 6
YuugaoYuugaoFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Positions: One of the "Four Heavenly Divas" Sugano Body Guard.
Description: She dresses in a Karate gi, and I assume uses Karate.
2Volume 09 Page 156Volume 9 Volume 11
[Ancient Arc] Ghost[Ancient Arc] Ghost2Volume 16 Page 069Volume 16
[Ancient Arc] Kabuto Koujinsai[Ancient Arc] Kabuto Koujinsai2Volume 15 Page 107Volume 15
(No image)[Ancient Arc] Mitsuhide2Volume 15 Page 037Volume 15
Tsumuji Mataza Yorihira's UncleTsumuji Mataza Yorihira's Uncle2Volume 11 Page 113Volume 11
(No image)[Ancient Arc] Masanobu2Volume 16 Page 075Volume 16
[Ancient Arc] Kitsubou-shi[Ancient Arc] Kitsubou-shi1Volume 15 Page 037Volume 20
(No image)BusinessmanFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
Wanted to go to the bowling alley, but got turned back by they Enforment Group's goonies, who had taken the place over.
1Volume 02 Page 074Volume 2
(No image)[Ancient Arc] Yukimura1Volume 16 Page 028Volume 16
(No image)Yamaoka ShinsaiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 22
1st Kendo Club "Ittou Ryu" Captain Yamaoka Shinsai
1Volume 22 Page 099Volume 22
Bunshichi's MomBunshichi's Mom1Volume 12 Page 157Volume 12
(No image)Answering MachineFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
For some reason I made a character for the answering machine. It comes up again never.
1Volume 01 Page 107Volume 1
(No image)Announcer1Volume 22 Page 007Volume 22
Tokugawa IeyasuTokugawa Ieyasu1Volume 15 Page 124Volume 15
(No image)CustomerFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
Random people in the bowling alley that got taken over by the Enforcement Group, complaining about things not working.
1Volume 02 Page 075Volume 2
(No image)[Ancient Arc] Yagiyuushin Jirou Yoshikatsu1Volume 15 Page 154Volume 15
(No image)Skeleton1Volume 20 Page 068Volume 20
(No image)Kazama Jin1Volume 22 Page 053Volume 22
(No image)BodygaurdFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 8
One of Takayanagi Dougen's bodyguards, back when he was the head of the Takayanagi clan.
1Volume 08 Page 023Volume 8
Bunshichi's PopBunshichi's Pop1Volume 12 Page 157Volume 12
(No image)Woman1Volume 15 Page 061Volume 15
(No image)Demon1Volume 09 Page 106Volume 13
(No image)Dog0Volume 19 Page 130
(No image)Tetsuhito0Volume 16 Page 083
WaniWaniFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Wani family: Among all of the 6 White Feather Founding Families, they take care of the naval aspects, and are experts in other unique areas. We do not have any information at all on their current leader.
0Volume 09 Page 011
MawariMawariFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About Mawari family: After the Spear Guard comes a division of true fighters who command blades and all ofther sorts of weapons. The Mawari family is a group that has mastered many types of weapons.
0Volume 09 Page 011
(No image)Natsume 0Volume 18 Page 057
(No image)Takayanagi 0Volume 20 Page 174
Sakuraba KazushiSakuraba KazushiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 7
桜葉 下一志
Positions: Captain of the Afghan Westling group, ranked 9th in all of Toudou Gakuen.
Info: Part of the "Special Team Opposed to the Jyuukenbu", a collection of (in the words of Tawara Bunshichi) "the most skilled martial artists from the school". Based on Kazushi "The Gracie Hunter" Sakuraba. Thanks to Agent_Wax for tracking this info down.
0Volume 07 Page 112
Kanakita RyuusenKanakita RyuusenFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 7
金北 流川
Positions: Captain of the 2nd Kendo group. Ranked 8th in all of Toudou Gakuen.
Info: Part of the "Special Team Opposed to the Jyuukenbu", a collection of (in the words of Tawara Bunshichi) "the most skilled martial artists from the school".
0Volume 07 Page 112
[Ancient Arc] Kagiroi Tetsuhito[Ancient Arc] Kagiroi Tetsuhito0Volume 16 Page 091
(No image)Gaoukishi Takehayasusano Onomikoto0Volume 20 Page 127
(No image)[Ancient Arc] ClerkFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 15
Head clerk at the whore house in the Ancient Arc.
0Volume 15 Page 074
(No image)[Ancient Arc] Akechi - Kago Souhaku0Volume 15 Page 121