Character list for Tenjo Tenge 14

This table lists all characters from Tenjo Tenge 14. Click on the table header to sort the table. The "First Appeared" does not sort properly because I haven't zero-padded the volume numbers. Also, sorting on the Image and Description fields doesn't really make sense, but you can do it.

Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Natsume MayaNatsume Maya66Volume 14 Page 4Volume 14
Kagiroi Tetsuhito (F)Kagiroi Tetsuhito (F)31Volume 14 Page 59Volume 14
PersonPerson22Volume 14 Page 16Volume 14
Natsume AyaNatsume Aya22Volume 14 Page 1Volume 14
Kago Souhaku JyouunKago Souhaku Jyouun17Volume 14 Page 30Volume 14
Nagi SouichirouNagi Souichirou17Volume 14 Page 4Volume 14
(No image)Narration11Volume 14 Page 1Volume 14
Nagi MakikoNagi Makiko10Volume 14 Page 29Volume 14
Kamura ShidzuruKamura Shidzuru8Volume 14 Page 4Volume 14
Takayanagi MitsuomiTakayanagi Mitsuomi7Volume 14 Page 19Volume 14
KagurazakaKagurazaka6Volume 14 Page 9Volume 14
Takayanagi MasatakaTakayanagi Masataka6Volume 14 Page 9Volume 14
(No image)Priestess6Volume 14 Page 5Volume 14
ReikiReiki5Volume 14 Page 15Volume 14
(No image)Kabane [F]From Tenjo Tenge Volume 14
A girl that knows a lot about the red feather powers, and spends a lot of time with Shyoujyou [F]. She has Buddhist seals on her body when we first meet her. The Kabane family is supposed to have control over the dead, but we have not seen her do anything special yet.
4Volume 14 Page 145Volume 14
Isuzu EmiIsuzu Emi3Volume 14 Page 10Volume 14
(No image)Shyoujyou [F]From Tenjo Tenge Volume 14
A tall girl who apparently has large breasts - bigger than Aya according to Kabane [F]. She hates being called Shyoujyou (Orangutang), and especially hates it when Kabane [F] calls her that. She was carrying a long pole-type object in what looked like a pool-stick carrying case when we first see her. Her powers are currently unknown.
3Volume 14 Page 145Volume 14
Tawara BunshichiTawara Bunshichi3Volume 14 Page 78Volume 14
Takayanagi DougenTakayanagi Dougen3Volume 14 Page 34Volume 14
Ishiyumi Tessen (F)Ishiyumi Tessen (F)2Volume 14 Page 21Volume 14
Mawari MadokaMawari Madoka2Volume 14 Page 6Volume 14
Tagami ShirouTagami Shirou1Volume 14 Page 80Volume 14
Fu Chi'enFu Chi'enFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 14
Fu Chi'en is also shown to be complicit in Souhaku's early disfigurement of Makiko.
1Volume 14 Page 35Volume 14
WritingWriting1Volume 14 Page 9Volume 14
Taxi DriverTaxi Driver1Volume 14 Page 79Volume 14
Kurei ShinichirouKurei Shinichirou0Volume 14 Page 9
Inue Noriko ShindayuuInue Noriko ShindayuuFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 14
Inue is overseeing the operation to force "Ki" from Nagi Makiko's dragon into her left eye, and its removal. (In a flashback sequence that Aya sees.)
0Volume 14 Page 51
Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]0Volume 14 Page 9