Character list for Tenjo Tenge 12

This table lists all characters from Tenjo Tenge 12. Click on the table header to sort the table. The "First Appeared" does not sort properly because I haven't zero-padded the volume numbers. Also, sorting on the Image and Description fields doesn't really make sense, but you can do it.

Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Takayanagi MasatakaTakayanagi Masataka84Volume 12 Page 2Volume 12
Tawara BunshichiTawara Bunshichi36Volume 12 Page 7Volume 12
Mawari MadokaMawari MadokaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 12
We learn more of Madoka's story, and see that Kago Souhaku Jyouun seems to be controlling her in some way.
Madoka's mother and father were killed by Kago, who has been raising her ever since, deluding her into loving him.
She joins up with the Jyuukenbu, as a charm that helped bind her to Kago is broken.
28Volume 12 Page 1Volume 12
Natsume AyaNatsume Aya26Volume 12 Page 37Volume 12
(No image)Narration25Volume 12 Page 1Volume 12
PersonPerson16Volume 12 Page 56Volume 12
Kurei ShinichirouKurei Shinichirou12Volume 12 Page 47Volume 12
Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]12Volume 12 Page 34Volume 12
Kago Souhaku JyouunKago Souhaku Jyouun11Volume 12 Page 13Volume 12
Kagiroi Tetsuhito (F)Kagiroi Tetsuhito (F)9Volume 12 Page 82Volume 12
Takayanagi MitsuomiTakayanagi Mitsuomi8Volume 12 Page 5Volume 12
Kabuto Katsuyoshi (F)Kabuto Katsuyoshi (F)7Volume 12 Page 42Volume 12
KagurazakaKagurazaka6Volume 12 Page 4Volume 12
Bob MakiharaBob Makihara6Volume 12 Page 26Volume 12
Isuzu EmiIsuzu Emi5Volume 12 Page 94Volume 12
Tagami ShirouTagami Shirou3Volume 12 Page 175Volume 12
Natsume MayaNatsume Maya3Volume 12 Page 35Volume 12
WritingWriting3Volume 12 Page 61Volume 12
HotaruHotaru2Volume 12 Page 30Volume 12
Fu Chi'enFu Chi'enFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 12
This volume marks the appearance of "Zombie Fu" - Fu Chi'en, mostly undead, kept alive by Kago Souhaku Jyouun's power.
2Volume 12 Page 109Volume 12
Takayanagi DougenTakayanagi Dougen2Volume 12 Page 92Volume 12
Bunshichi's PopBunshichi's Pop1Volume 12 Page 157Volume 12
Kounoike ChiakiKounoike Chiaki1Volume 12 Page 186Volume 12
Nagi SouichirouNagi Souichirou1Volume 12 Page 213Volume 12
Bunshichi's MomBunshichi's Mom1Volume 12 Page 157Volume 12
StudentStudent0Volume 12 Page 11