Character list for Tenjo Tenge 9

This table lists all characters from Tenjo Tenge 9. Click on the table header to sort the table. The "First Appeared" does not sort properly because I haven't zero-padded the volume numbers. Also, sorting on the Image and Description fields doesn't really make sense, but you can do it.

Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Nagi SouichirouNagi Souichirou66Volume 9 Page 15Volume 9
Ishiyumi Tessen (F)Ishiyumi Tessen (F)37Volume 9 Page 16Volume 9
Natsume AyaNatsume Aya34Volume 9 Page 6Volume 9
PersonPerson33Volume 9 Page 6Volume 9
Bob MakiharaBob Makihara29Volume 9 Page 15Volume 9
Nagi MakikoNagi Makiko25Volume 9 Page 9Volume 9
Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]18Volume 9 Page 139Volume 9
Natsume MayaNatsume Maya15Volume 9 Page 108Volume 9
Kurei ShinichirouKurei ShinichirouFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
暮井 新一郎
Nickname: Alien (?)
Supernatural abilites: Sun-light fist. (Well, Aya says that isn't the sun-light fist on page 198 but...)
Current Position: He is the vice captain of the Jyuukenbu and a second year student
Age: 16 earth years
About Kurei: Kurei is the brains of the Jyuukenbu. He doesn't have any fighting abilities but he is extremly clever and know a lot about computers and other technology. Despite the fact that he look like and alien, and has a habit of sucking on juice drink boxes making misleading alien-like sounds, he is realy a nice guy.
(Contributions by Dark_Harlequin)
14Volume 9 Page 139Volume 9
Takayanagi MasatakaTakayanagi Masataka10Volume 9 Page 112Volume 9
GirlGirl10Volume 9 Page 145Volume 9
Tsumuji Mataza (F)Tsumuji Mataza (F)From Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Fighting style: The 8 Spears of the Tsumuji Family
Supernatural abilitys: The Dragon Claws. This ability allows him to harden his hands into incredibly strong weapons.
Current Position: Mataza is ( or was until the fight with Souichirou) the current leader of the Tsumuji house, he is a member of F, his school grade is not known.
Age: 16
Family: Father Yohira, Mother (name unknown) from the Shyukyou branch of the Kabane family, half brothe Yorimasa
About Mataza: Mataza was given back to his father by his mother who did't have the money to raise him (and it is implied that she prostituted herself.) There he was treated so badly by his half brother Yorimasa that he one day freaked out and attacked his half brother Yorimasa. When his father stopped him and broke the spear he was using, a shard of the spear went through his eye puncturing his brain. This injury awakened his power. As Dougen told his father it's a very rare way for a power to awaken but it does happen. Later when Mitsuomi took controll over the Takayanagi house, he badly injured his father, burned the eight traditional spear bearers of the Tsumuji famaly as they refused to serve him and took the remaining eight spear army for himself. Mataza rejects the power of his Dragon's claws early on, and embraces technology, being very technologically adept himself. He controls a backpack that wields mechanical arms hidden under his cloak, giving him control over multiple spears and devastating fighting ability, as well as a spider motif.
(Contributions from Dark_Harlequin and kk1)
8Volume 9 Page 122Volume 9
Takayanagi DougenTakayanagi Dougen7Volume 9 Page 11Volume 9
Isuzu EmiIsuzu Emi7Volume 9 Page 32Volume 9
(No image)Narration6Volume 9 Page 2Volume 9
Tagami ShirouTagami Shirou6Volume 9 Page 29Volume 9
WritingWriting5Volume 9 Page 42Volume 9
Editor's NoteEditor's Note4Volume 9 Page 29Volume 9
NazunaNazunaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Positions: One of the "Four Heavenly Divas" Sugano Body Guard.
Description: She carries around Tonfu, and dresses in a school-girl's gym clothes.
4Volume 9 Page 146Volume 9
Enmi EnmaEnmi Enma4Volume 9 Page 177Volume 9
HotaruHotaruFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Hotaru family: Using the Dragon's Palm, the Hotaru family is able to heal any sort of injury. They do not fight in any battles.
4Volume 9 Page 10Volume 9
KabutoKabutoFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Kabuto family: Kabuto manages the 6 White Feather Founding Families, playing the role of the so-called commander. The 5 groups of Ishiyumi, Kagiroi, Tsumuji, Madoka, and Wani deal with the battle based on the direction of Kabuto.
4Volume 9 Page 36Volume 9
IshiyumiIshiyumiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
The ex-leader of the Ishiyumi family.
About the Ishiyumi family: (From TJTG UJ Special.) The arrows that first cut into the advance guard in a battle. Together with Kagiroi, they play the role of starting a battle, as a long distance striking force. Ishiyumi Tessen was also the first to start the battle between the Jyuukenbu and F.
3Volume 9 Page 10Volume 9
KagiroiKagiroiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Kagiroi family: The artillery division that engages the vanguard along with Ishiyumi. We don't know anything more than that. The current leader has a Beckham haircut, and it seems like he can use the Dragon's Palm...!?
3Volume 9 Page 11Volume 9
ShoujouShoujouFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Shyoujyou family: The Shyoujyou family, just like the Wani family, is at this stage completly wrapped up in mystery. Shyoujyou is similar to a live version of that monkey from Chinese legends, and should be careful about drinking alcohol...!?
Note: The kanji for Shyoujyou means "Orangutang".
3Volume 9 Page 10Volume 9
SuzuranSuzuranFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Positions: One of the "Four Heavenly Divas" Sugano Body Guard.
Description: Probably specializes in spear and pole-arm techniques. Dresses as a normal school girl, but carries around a big pole-arm of some sort.
2Volume 9 Page 156Volume 9
(No image)Enmi Enki2Volume 9 Page 179Volume 9
(No image)Enmi Enshi2Volume 9 Page 178Volume 9
YuugaoYuugaoFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Positions: One of the "Four Heavenly Divas" Sugano Body Guard.
Description: She dresses in a Karate gi, and I assume uses Karate.
1Volume 9 Page 156Volume 9
Takayanagi MitsuomiTakayanagi Mitsuomi1Volume 9 Page 118Volume 9
StudentStudent1Volume 9 Page 77Volume 9
Hina GikuHina GikuFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Positions: One of the "Four Heavenly Divas" Sugano Body Guard. Description: She dresses as a Kendo warrior, and carries a sword around.
1Volume 9 Page 156Volume 9
Enmi MoukiEnmi MoukiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
Special Abilities: Has the ability to induce hallucinations in others via the poison from the wings of a certain type of moth. This is an Enmi family ability.
UJ Description: This young boy who suddenly appeared at the Natsume residence is the heir of the Natsume branch family, Enmi, Mouki. Souichirou and Aya's anger explodes at the way that Mitsuomi aims to rule over weaker people!
1Volume 9 Page 177Volume 9
DoctorDoctor1Volume 9 Page 76Volume 9
Mawari MadokaMawari Madoka1Volume 9 Page 122Volume 9
Tsumuji Mataza YorihiraTsumuji Mataza YorihiraFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About Tsumuji family: The ones that go in after the long distance attack forces are the Spear Guard. They are called the 8 Spears of Tsumuji. They say that there is essentially 8 spear-wielding families that have worked for the Tsumuji over the generations.
1Volume 9 Page 11Volume 9
WaniWaniFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About the Wani family: Among all of the 6 White Feather Founding Families, they take care of the naval aspects, and are experts in other unique areas. We do not have any information at all on their current leader.
0Volume 9 Page 11
MawariMawariFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 9
About Mawari family: After the Spear Guard comes a division of true fighters who command blades and all ofther sorts of weapons. The Mawari family is a group that has mastered many types of weapons.
0Volume 9 Page 11
(No image)Demon0Volume 9 Page 106
Natsume ShinNatsume Shin0Volume 9 Page 170