Character list for Tenjo Tenge 6

This table lists all characters from Tenjo Tenge 6. Click on the table header to sort the table. The "First Appeared" does not sort properly because I haven't zero-padded the volume numbers. Also, sorting on the Image and Description fields doesn't really make sense, but you can do it.

Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Takayanagi MitsuomiTakayanagi Mitsuomi57Volume 6 Page 45Volume 6
Natsume ShinNatsume Shin56Volume 6 Page 6Volume 6
Natsume MayaNatsume Maya51Volume 6 Page 9Volume 6
Tawara BunshichiTawara Bunshichi28Volume 6 Page 13Volume 6
Kuzunoha ManaKuzunoha Mana22Volume 6 Page 25Volume 6
PersonPerson17Volume 6 Page 12Volume 6
Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]Asshat [Sugano Kagesada]From Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
菅野 影定
Full name: Sugano Kagesada
Nickname: Asshat (In Japanese: クズ男 - so my translation is quite loose)
Age: 17
Fighting style: Kickboxing (or so I assume, from the pads he wears).
Special Abilities: Satisfying 4 women at once. The Beautiful Flash.
Positions: Asshat is a founding is a member of Jyuukenbu
Character and traits: Ecchi! The man's a perv, he has multiple girlfriends like Hefner; he's very devoted to Maya for what happend 2 years ago and seems to be very affraid of Mitsuomi after nearly dying as a result of the battle between Mistumi and Shin; Asshat is the Jyuukenbu's weakest fighter and serves no real purpose, aside from filling out ranks.
Girlfriends: Suzuran (girl with the spear), Yuugao (Karate girl), Hinagiku (Samurai girl) Nazuna (girl in gym clothes).
(Contributed by zangetsu)
13Volume 6 Page 147Volume 6
WritingWriting11Volume 6 Page 1Volume 6
StudentStudent8Volume 6 Page 41Volume 6
Editorial NoteEditorial Note7Volume 6 Page 8Volume 6
Katou YoshikiKatou YoshikiFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
加藤 義生
Positions: 3rd year student at Toudou Gakuen, Captain of the 2nd Karate Group
Description: In the past arc, he opposed Takayanagi Mitsuomi early on.
7Volume 6 Page 44Volume 6
English TeacherEnglish Teacher6Volume 6 Page 75Volume 6
Iwaki KenjirouIwaki KenjirouFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
厳 健次郎
Positions: 3rd year student at Toudou Gakuen, Sub Captain of the First Karate Group
Description: The first and second Karate groups share a Dojo in the past Arc. Natsume Shin wanted it for the Jyuukenbu which he just founded. And he got it.
4Volume 6 Page 126Volume 6
(No image)BikerFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Two random biker punks giving Takayanagi Mitsuomi some lip in the past arc.
4Volume 6 Page 98Volume 6
Master ToudouMaster Toudou4Volume 6 Page 182Volume 6
Fu Chi'enFu Chi'enFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Fu Chi'en helps to train Takayanagi Mitsuomi at the Takayanagi corporation's facilities with Pei-san's help.
3Volume 6 Page 23Volume 6
Shin's MotherShin's MotherFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Full Name: Natsume Miya
This is a ghostly image that haunts Shin.
Note how she's split in half...
3Volume 6 Page 173Volume 6
NinjaNinjaFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Members of 芥川忍軍五鬼 ("The Akutagawa 5 Demons Ninja Group"), the Jyuukenbu's first opposing group in the Election Tournament competition.
3Volume 6 Page 188Volume 6
Takayanagi DougenTakayanagi Dougen2Volume 6 Page 142Volume 6
Natsume AyaNatsume Aya2Volume 6 Page 176Volume 6
Shin's FatherShin's FatherFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
Full Name: Natsume Kaima
A ghost that haunts Shin.
Note the decapitated head.
2Volume 6 Page 173Volume 6
TeacherTeacherFrom Tenjo Tenge Volume 6
A generic teacher at Toudou Gakuen. In this case, addressing the entire school before the Election Tournament.
1Volume 6 Page 45Volume 6
ReikiReiki0Volume 6 Page 169