Character list for Tenjyou Tenge 2

This table lists all characters from Tenjyou Tenge 2. Click on the table header to sort the table. The "First Appeared" does not sort properly because I haven't zero-padded the volume numbers. Also, sorting on the Image and Description fields doesn't really make sense, but you can do it.

Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Natsume MayaNatsume MayaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
Techniques Used: Uraate (Inner Strike); healing through the transmission of ki; Natsume Ryu Kongou Hasshiki Taizan Hou Gou (Natsume Ryu Indestructible Eight Forms, Mount Tai Demolishing Roar); Natsume Ryu Kongou Hasshiki Renkan Tenpen Tetsu Ka Geki (Natsume Ryu Indestructible Eight Forms, Continuous Superlative Iron Flower Attack)
52Volume 2 Page 14Volume 2
Nagi SouichirouNagi Souichirou32Volume 2 Page 11Volume 2
Natsume AyaNatsume Aya31Volume 2 Page 10Volume 2
SagaraSagaraFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
Sagara has two distinct personalities: Sagara the student, and Sagara Mask.
Sagara Mask: Asked to punish the Jyuukenbu for their transgressions against the Enforcement Group, Sagara Mask is the masked form of Sagara that fights ruthlessly.
Sagara: Sagara is the student. He's a nice guy, and really just wants to do whatever he can to elevate the status of his Wrestling group to that of an official club.
Positions: Leader of the Wrestling group, which is not yet an official club.
Oh! Great speaks: I really wanted a grappler of some sort. This was right at the time when Brazilian Jyujyutsu was popular but I wanted a different kind of flavor, so I made him a pro-wrestler. You've gotta love this idiotic muscleman.
UJ Description: A school Enforcer, he's a muscular type that goes by the name "Saga Mask". He's the president of the Professional Wrestling research club, and a cornerstone of the Enforcement Group!
23Volume 2 Page 39Volume 2
Isuzu EmiIsuzu EmiFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
五十鈴 エミ
Nickname: 'French Bread Head'
Fighting style: Throwing knives (special technique: Shadow Blade) plus karate
Special abilities: She has an (unnamed) special ability that allows her to shape fat, thus she can turn her actually quite huge body into a slim form, hiding numerous weapons, especially her preffered Anki-throwing knives and handcuffs (but also food and clothes) in the cracks between the molded fat. Because of that ability, she has to consume vast amounts of food to maintain a high percentage of body fat so she can fold it.
Positions: Isuzu was the Vice-President of the Enforcement Group until she got abased to some unknown position by Tawara Bunshichi; she also served as a bodyguard and spy for Kuzunoha Mana.
Character and traits: Emi is a highly devoted person who never, ever thinks of giving up, even if the odds of winning are bad - she always tries to satisfy her superiors and is badly in love with Takayanagi Mitsuomi since he saved her from Natsume Shin. Unfortunately for her, he does not reply to her affection at all, sometimes reducing her to a mere puppet that does what he wants her to do, while she is always trying to get his attention, without any success. Because of her love to Mitsuomi, she considers Natsume Maya as her rival, even if she cannot beat her in combat. She can get quite menacing when she gets pissed, especially for guys. Not to forget her strong sense of justice and order.
Family: father, mother and siblings are unknown; all that can be said is that the Isuzu-family served the Takayanagi-clan for ages
Age: 17
(Contributed by Isuzu)
Oh! Great speaks: (From TJTG UJ Special.) She's my favorite female character, but also the hardest to draw. It's very hard to get the balance right between her face and those curls. She seems really strict but in actuality she's an extremely devoted person. She's one of the so-called extinct women with the virtues of ancient Japan. She's extremely strict about showing that nice side though.
UJ Description: She started as one of Takayanagi's body gaurd, and became the lone flower within the Enforcement Group. She has master the art of the Shadow Blade, and can hide multiple weapons on her body. She protects her slim form by using the powers of her arts to fold fat within her body, but in truth she is ... !?
21Volume 2 Page 83Volume 2
Tagami ShirouTagami ShirouFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
田上 士郎
Current Position: 3rd division group leader (UJ TJTG Special)
Weapon: He uses a bo-staff to fight with.
Character: Tagami is a true gentleman, and believes in the ideals of the Samurai Warrior. He has a stuttering problem. He has dedicated his life to serving Takayanagi Mitsuomi because he believes that Mitsuomi is an honorable warrior.
Oh! Great speaks: (From TJTG UJ Special.) Actually, I really like this guy. When I was asked to do a special on Tenjo Tenge, I was a little sad when my idea of drawing a short story about him was instantly dismissed. Just like Isuzu, he portrays the characteristics of the now extinct Japanese man.
UJ Description: A man overflowing with chivarly who calls himself a Bushi (warrior), and wields a staff. Just the opposite of how he looks, he hates cowardly methods, and is very pure.
14Volume 2 Page 68Volume 2
PersonPerson13Volume 2 Page 21Volume 2
(No image)Narration13Volume 2 Page 2Volume 2
Bob MakiharaBob Makihara12Volume 2 Page 18Volume 2
Takayanagi MasatakaTakayanagi Masataka10Volume 2 Page 10Volume 2
Kounoike ChiakiKounoike Chiaki9Volume 2 Page 21Volume 2
StudentStudent8Volume 2 Page 49Volume 2
WritingWriting5Volume 2 Page 1Volume 2
Ryuzaki TsutomuRyuzaki Tsutomu5Volume 2 Page 29Volume 2
Editorial NoteEditorial Note4Volume 2 Page 2Volume 2
(No image)PoliceFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
The police were chasing after Sagara Mask's group of suspicious looking "masked men", but they lost them.
2Volume 2 Page 58Volume 2
(No image)CustomerFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
Random people in the bowling alley that got taken over by the Enforcement Group, complaining about things not working.
1Volume 2 Page 75Volume 2
(No image)BusinessmanFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2
Wanted to go to the bowling alley, but got turned back by they Enforment Group's goonies, who had taken the place over.
1Volume 2 Page 74Volume 2