Character list for Tenjyou Tenge 1

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Image Name Description Total Pages First Appeared Pages
Nagi SouichirouNagi SouichirouFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
宗一郎 凪
Nickname: Demon Exorcist (凶払い - literally "Evil Exorcisit") he is called this by enemies usually.
Supernatural abilitys: His main power, which gives him the nickname of the Demon Exorcist, is the Dragon's Fist. It allows him to absorb the Dragons of other people (both Red and White Feathers.) He has the Black Dragon of the earth, the Water Dragon he absorbed from Ishiyumi Tessen, the Dreagon claws he absorbed from Mataza
Current Position: Souichirou is the only heir of the Nagi clan, he is also a Jyuukenbu member and a first year student.
Age: 15
Birthday: May 8th
Heigth: 165 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Mother: Makiko Nagi
Father: Kago Sohaku
About Soichiro: Souichirou was always a brawler and loved beating other people up. During his earlier childhood he wanted to become strong to take revenge on the person who cut his mothers arm off. Souichirou still wants to become strong and for that reason he joins the Jyuukenbu. He carrys the blood of the exorcists inside him. From the Nagi family he has the ability to tap the unlimited "ki" of the Black Dragon and when fighting opens the red belt earth dragon gate which can channel electricity (when in contact with the ground). Before joining the Jyukenbou he and Bob were known as the "Knuckle Bomb" Duo.
(Contributions by Dark_Harlequin)
47Volume 1 Page 18Volume 1
Natsume MayaNatsume MayaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
棗 真夜
Fighting style: Natsume Goushin Ryu
Special abilities: none
Techniques used: Natsume Ryu Kouki Renhou Nijusan (Natsume Ryu Ki Moulding Technique Twenty-three)
Positions: Current head of Jyuukenbu, shihandai and kaiden of Natsume Goushin Ryu, 3rd year student of Toudou Gakuen
Character and traits: cool, calm nature (UJ digest); speaks like an old man; often takes chibi form (using Natsume Ryu Ki Moulding Technique Twenty-three) to avoid wasting ki; hair antennae
Family: Younger sister Natsume Aya
Age: 17 (Ultrajump magazine)
Birthday: 20 August (Ultrajump magazine)
Height (normal): 170cm (Ultrajump magazine)
Height (chibi form): 72cm (Ultrajump magazine)
Weight: 49kg (Ultrajump magazine)
Three sizes (normal): 92-53-84 (Ultrajump magazine)
Three sizes (chibi form): 40-??-?? (Ultrajump magazine)
Bloodtype: B (Ultrajump magazine)
(Thanks to Natsume Maya for excellent profile information.)
45Volume 1 Page 8Volume 1
Bob MakiharaBob MakiharaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
牧原 Bob
Fighting Style: A style similar to Capoeira
Supernatural abilities: None
Current position: Bob is a member of the Jyuukenbu and a 1st year student
Father: Juan Rodriguez
Girlfriend: Kounoike Chiaki
About Bob: Bob is Souichirou's best friend, together they are the "Knuckle Bomb" Duo. At the moment he's training hard not to fall behind Souichirou and his exorcist abilities. The most important thing in life for Bob is his girlfriend Chiaki and he would do anything for her.
(Contributions by Dark_Harlequin)
42Volume 1 Page 18Volume 1
Natsume AyaNatsume AyaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
棗 亜夜
Full name: Natsume Aya
Fighting style: Natsume Goushin Ryu (Ultrajump digest)
Special abilities: 龍眼 Ryuugan (Dragon Eyes)
Techniques used: flicker jab, Natsume Ryu Konjutsu Kojiri Gaeshi
Positions: Member of Jyuukenbu, 1st year student of Toudou Gakuen
Character and traits: More feminine than her sister Maya, will do anything for Nagi Souichirou
Family: Older sister Natsume Maya
Fiance: Nagi Souichirou (against his will)
Age: 15 (Ultrajump magazine)
Birthday: 10 March (Ultrajump magazine)
Height : 162cm (Ultrajump magazine)
Weight: 43kg (Ultrajump magazine)
Three sizes: 96-50-81 (Ultrajump magazine); 91-59-88
Bloodtype: AB (Ultrajump magazine)
(Thanks to Natsume Maya for excellent profile information.)
36Volume 1 Page 32Volume 1
Takayanagi MasatakaTakayanagi MasatakaFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
高柳 雅孝
Fighting style: Mental Universe
Special abilities: Forged Needle, Spirit Universe Disintegrating Horse Hoove Fist (Shini Rikugou Batei Houken), Eight Way Fracas Blast (Hakka Soudoushyou), Massive Phoenix Spreading Wings Backpassing Fist
Assosiations: Memeber of the Jyuukenbu, member of the Takayanagi clan, 2nd year student at Toudou Gakuen.
Character: Good-natured and easy-going. Somewhat nerdy. Has very intense reactions toward younger girls, especially when seeing them in different states of undress. Cares very much for his father and somewhat for his estranged brother Mitsuomi.
Family: father Dougen, mother unknown, older brother Mitsuomi.
Three sizes: What's the equivalent of the "3 sizes" for men? Penis length? Masataka is infamous for coming a bit short, so to speak.
Age: 16
Descrition: A very nice and subdued person, who doesn't like to show off and who tries to be easy-going even toward enemies. Unless seriously pissed off or trying to defend friends, at which time can demonstrate amazing feats of martial arts. Is seriously fixated on his unrequited love toward Natsume Aya. Joined Jyuukenbu to get back at his older brother. Is extremely nerdy when it comes to younger girls, however older women don't seem to excite him as much.
(Contributed by MrProphet)
35Volume 1 Page 8Volume 1
Editorial NoteEditorial NoteFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
I used the "Editorial Note" "Character" early on to put comments in about my translation. Later on, I improved Great Manga Application Onidzuka so that I could put translation notes attached to each translation, and they would appear as footnotes. So this "character" is only used early on.
30Volume 1 Page 1Volume 1
Ryuzaki TsutomuRyuzaki TsutomuFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
竜崎 務
Positions: A peon in the lower-levels of the Enforcement Group.
Associated Ki Element: Fire.
Oh! Great speaks: His direction has also changed 2 or 3 times since serialization started, but he's an important initial planned character. Being a flame elemental user would normally be on par with the main characters but, I feel like it was kind of a waste to give this power to him.
UJ Description: He originally never agreed with the Enforcement Group doctrine. He doesn't choose a method for the goal, but just enjoys the method itself. He fights using spirit- based flame.
14Volume 1 Page 104Volume 1
(No image)NarrationFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
General Narration text, used when the character is clearly not one of the principal actors, but instead information intended for the reader from the author.
11Volume 1 Page 1Volume 1
StudentStudentFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
A general unknown Student character. Used when I am not sure who is talking, or it is just some student that is not specified.
11Volume 1 Page 18Volume 1
Kounoike ChiakiKounoike ChiakiFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
鴻池 千秋
Chiaki is Bob Makihara's girlfriend, and a normal student at a regular high school. She is beaten up and raped by Ryuuzaki Tsutomu as part of unauthorized retribution for Bob and Nagi's actions by the Enforcement Group. This sets the stage for encouraging Bob and Nagi to join the Jyuukenbu, and future conflicts with the Enforcement Group.
11Volume 1 Page 85Volume 1
PersonPersonFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
A general unknown "Person". If the character is given a name, I generally make a character with that name. If the line is by a minor person, I usually just use the "Person" generic character.
6Volume 1 Page 36Volume 1
WritingWritingFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
Writing, like on signs and stuff.
6Volume 1 Page 6Volume 1
(No image)Answering MachineFrom Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1
For some reason I made a character for the answering machine. It comes up again never.
1Volume 1 Page 107Volume 1