Tenjyou Tenge Volume 1

Chapter 1: Fight: 1 Summary

We are introduced to the main characters in this chapter. Natsume Maya, the Captain of the Jyuukenbu (Japanese characters are the supple sword club), meets up with Takayanagi Masataka, admonishing him for being late. Masataka is excited about the "new members" that came to join their club - specifically Natsume Aya, Maya's younger sister.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to the "Knuckle Bomb Combo", Makihara Bob and Nagi Souichirou, two impudent freshmen who just transferred into Toudou Gakuen, the premiere fighting school in Japan. They are brashly taking on everyone in the school, regardless of only being freshmen they take on anyone, Juniors included.

Some students come to get Maya and Masataka, and Maya meets Nagi and Bob. Since Maya usually assumes the shape of a very young, small girl, Nagi has a great line: "Bob. What should you do when some elementary school kid who talks like an enigmatic old man wants to fight you?" Bob: "Dunno." Maya then changes her form into her age appropriate (if slightly large-boobed) 17 year old form, to which Nagi responds: "Bob. What should you do when that elementary school kid turns into a completely sexy babe?" Bob: "Dunno."

While Maya starts to fight Nagi, she miscalculates his strength, and sends him flying out a window, to crash into the girls' shower room, landing on the naked, showering Aya. Of course, Aya falls in love with Nagi, Masataka loves Aya from afar, and now we have a love-triangle fighting babe manga.

Chapter 2: Fight: 2 Summary

A month after chapter one. Masataka laments that while he has fallen for Aya, every day she chases after Nagi trying to obtain his love (often with awful home-cooked food.) Bob treats Masataka to another bowl of ramen after Nagi spills his original bowl while trying to evade being force-fed Aya's "beloved wife" bento. Bob asks Masataka "Who are the strongest at the school?" and Masataka begins to explain that there is some reason behind the fighting at the school. Nagi interjects, having been unable to evade Aya, that the point of fighting is to fight a strong opponent, to feel alive, and that that is enough. Masataka and he come to words, and Masataka stops one of Nagi's punches with a mere chopstick, and then hits him with a near kame-hame-ha. Maya is disappointed that Masataka doesn't have the discipline not to fight the "two amateur hoodlums", but Masataka has changed his mind: they fight for joy, and have a hunger for fighting.

Chapter 3: Fight: 3 Summary

Nagi declares that that one technique isn't enough to beat him because he's "supposed to be the hero" in this story. Maya explains a little about "ki" and striking techniques, and Masataka tells Nagi that if he can touch him even once, he will concede victory. Bob is amazed that Nagi can't even get close to Masataka, who is also impressed with how much damage Nagi can soak up. Nagi goads him into a final killing blow, which he anticipates, and counter-punches, but Nagi evades, and gets him with a killer mule-kick. When Nagi goes down, Aya admonishes him (as her future husband) to be more manly, and Nagi comes back to life reminding her that he's never once been in a fight that he thought he would lose.

Takayanagi loses his will to fight as Aya unintentionally insults his fighting ability, then he decides he's going to pound the crap out of Nagi instead of going easy on him for Aya's sake. Nagi remembers that he's not really a skills-based fighter, he's a street punk. He uses Aya's bento as a "barrier" and punches Masataka hard while he's trying to avoid destroying Aya's hand-made bento lunch.

Chapter 4: Fight: 4 Summary

The chapter opens with an amorous scene between Bob and his girlfriend Chiaki. Bob remembers back to the fight, and admits that he didn't think that Nagi actually won: after Nagi's punch Masataka went mad, and had to be restrained by Aya and Maya, yet he still manages to punch a nasty crater into the concrete next to Nagi's head. Bob is shocked that Masataka, who he didn't think was a threat, can "pulverize concrete with his bare hands". Also, Chiaki yells at Bob for absentmindedly making love to her. Just as Maya mentions that it is about time that the 3rd year Enforcement Group enacts a punishment on Bob and Nagi for their string of violent behavior, a shady figure appears and blows up Bob's motorcycle...

Chapter 5: Fight: 5 Summary

As Chiaki reads the "Enthusiast Motorcycle Fan Club" magazine at the laundromat, the strange guy (Ryuzaki Tsutomu) shows up, and violently rapes Chiaki.

Back at the Natsume Residence, Maya explains how the Enforcement Group started as a means to keep up student morale, and is mostly just for show now. At worst, Nagi and Bob will be beaten, but only to the point of recovery. Aya though has a very bad feeling about things, and becomes sick due to some sort of premonition. She remembers feeling the same way the night before her brother died. Ryuzaki calls Natsume, and tells Maya that while their president is tolerant, not everyone in the Enforcement Group is, and that "the nail that sticks up is the one that is hammered down." Ryuzaki misunderstood, saying that the brats will be made scapegoats for joining the Jyuukenbu, but in actuality they did not join, and Aya is just following Nagi around, leading people to think there is a connection between the group and the freshmen.

Aya grabs a sword, her brother's motorcycle, and heads off into the night to find Bob and Nagi. She claims that she can clearly see them. Maya explains about how the Natsume family members often have extra-ordinary abilities that differ from person to person, but Aya seems to be coming into powers of her own. Ryuzaki easily disarms Aya, and tells her to tell the freshmen to resign from school, or face the consequences.

Chapter 6: Fight: 6 Summary

The chapter opens with Nagi mumbling about how he wants "to become strong", an ever-present theme throughout this manga (along with Fate and the nature of strength.)

Bob and Nagi chat while hanging out fishing. Chiaki claimed to be ok, and that nothing happened at the laundromat, but it is clearly an inelegant cover. Bob and Nagi decide to join the Jyuukenbu to become stronger. Masataka talks about how the school used to be a paradise, but because of "the death of one man ... a system of iron order and gradual corruption" came to be. Nagi and Bob pledge to become stronger than anyone in three months, to kill Ryuzaki, and smash the Enforcement Group. That instant was "the birth of what has been called the strongest member in the history of the Jyuukenbu".

Maya hunts down Ryuzaki, who is a master of fire, and threatens to attack him with a twig. Meanwhile, Bob and Nagi train back at the Natsume Residence. Maya demolishes Ryuzaki, and summer starts as Volume 1 comes to an end.

Tenjyou Tenge Volume 2

Chapter 7: Fight: 7 Summary

While training over the "Golden Week" holiday at the Natsume Residence, Masataka has a funny dream where he tries to rescue Aya, but she turns him down because she "doesn't like guys with small dicks", and Nagi (in the form of a snake) torments him. Nagi is taught the basics of the "reverse striking" (the foundation of the "Forged Needle Attack" distance striking technique) by Maya, while Bob is made to run and quit smoking to increase his reserves of oxygen. While taking a somewhat gratuitous bath with Aya, Chiaki tries to convince her that she needs to be more forward with Nagi, but Aya mistakes her advice as a lesbian pass at her and runs off embarrassed.

While Masataka meditates to try to remove the image of Aya in the morning from his mind, Nagi continues practicing striking the practice frying pans. Maya had been denying him food, trying to force his muscular power from his arms out, to make him focus more on technique (particularly in his abdomen) and due to this he is able to surpass the "reverse striking" technique, and move straight into a distance striking technique.

Chapter 8: Fight: 8 Summary

Maya Goes looking for Souichirou, and finds him asleep while Maya bathes nearby. She's a little mad thinking that they might have been sexually involved, which Maya denies, but does say that she may fall in love with him if he doesn't become Aya's husband. (!! She does say it was a joke though.)

Back at school, Ryuzaki is pissed that he had to come to school over the holidays for a meeting, but is instead attacked by Sagara Mask from the Enforcement Group as "punishment" for his extreme action against Bob and Nagi. Sagara Mask beats Ryuzaki thoroughly, accompanied by a nice explanation about how "Ki" is not the most important thing for fighting, and says that he will take care of Bob and Nagi.

Nagi and Aya talk a bit, and we learn that Maya stays in her "Chibi" form to conserve "ki", and that Maya has someone that she must defeat, "the President".

Chapter 9: Fight: 9 Summary

Sagara Mask and his followers are stalked by the police as they approach the Natsume Residence to mete out some punishment, but learn that the Jyuukenbu has gone bowling for a break from all the training. Tagami, Isuzu, and "the President" also converge on the bowling alley to help in the fight against the Jyuukenbu. Tagami says that unless something is done, Nagi and Bob might become threats to them, but there is someone else that is more dangerous being trained by the Jyuukenbu: Aya. The Enforcement Group surrounds and shuts down the bowling alley while they move in on the Jyuukenbu.

Aya uses her budding "Dragon's Eye" power to see what happened between Maya and Nagi the night that they together (training), and sees Maya (seemingly) kissing Nagi. Earlier in the chapter we say Maya healing Nagi's hurt hand by kissing it and imparting "ki" to the wound. Maya comes looking for Aya in the bathroom, and Aya slaps her and runs out. Meanwhile, Maya runs into Isuzu Emi (an Enforcement Group member) in the bathroom and the two begin fight.

Chapter 10: Fight: 10 Summary

The Enforcement Group came out to destroy the Jyuukenbu at the bowling alley. Maya and Isuzu Emi fight in the women's restroom, and Isuzu Emi reveals her ability to conjure up daggers seemingly from nowhere. Aya heads to the roof, where she faces Tagami Shirou, also from the Enforcement Group. Bob, Chiaki, Nagi, and Masataka are surrounded by about 80 guys and the fight is on. Masataka takes on the 80 guys, sends Nagi to look after Maya and Aya, and Bob to protect and escape with Chiaki. Bob tells Nagi that to him, Chiaki is the most important thing, but for Nagi, why does he want to become strong? For whose sake does he fight?

Chapter 11: Fight: 11 Summary

Nagi runs into Sagara Mask in the hallway, and goes into a flashback of his time as a child who was tormented because his family are "Demon Exorcists", but thought to be demons themselves.

Tagami, meanwhile, thinks that he has underestimated Aya, and attacks her with his "Tagami Style Holy Vision: The Shadow in the Sun Attack". Aya falls, and sees visions from Nagi's flashback as a child, when Nagi pledges to become strong to kill all those guys who did something to his mother (shown recuperating.) His mother says that you are truly strong when you can protect, and when you are not afraid to be hurt yourself. The Nagi family has always taken pain away from others, and protected many people. Nagi begins to realize the meaning behind what his mother said: "Your body will not be a 'demon', but a 'dragon'". The fight between Nagi and Sagara Mask resumes, as Nagi is shown with faint dragons entwining around his body.

Aya squares off against Tagami, rejuvenated by her visions of Nagi's past.

Chapter 12: Fight: 12 Summary

The fight between Maya and Isuzu concludes, with Maya victorious. It is revealed that Isuzu's true form is that of a very fat women, and she uses "ki" to change her appearance (similar to how Maya takes on a Chibi form.) The volume concludes with Maya questioning her ability to take on all this responsibility, and a determination not to let down the Jyuukenbu.

Tenjyou Tenge Volume 3

Chapter 13: Fight: 13 Summary

Natsume Maya defeats Isuzu in the bathroom, and cuts a deal with the vain Isuzu, who does not want anyone to see her in her naked fat form, to knock out the guy that comes to check up on her. I don't know what Maya got out of the deal. Maya takes the guys clothes, and then goes to find Nagi, who is still fighting Sagara.

During the fight with Sagara Mask, Nagi attempts to use the Reverse Striking Technique that he was taught, but "misses" right when Maya shows up to remind him that his fighting style is hoodlum-style street-fighting, before she herself collapses from her injuries.

Chapter 14: Fight: 14 Summary

The fight between Nagi Souichirou and Sagara Mask continues. Sagara puts Nagi through some wrestling style pain before breaking his fist on the "Saga Bust Muscle Bomb" defense, and losing his other arm to a Sagara break hold.

Up on the rooftop, Aya faces off with Tagami, who gives her his bandanna to cover up her top since her shirt was destroyed. (That seems to happen a lot in this manga.) Tagami prides himself on being one of the few remaining "samurai" left. Aya tells him that she believes in her friends, and her future husband Souichirou, and that she will not let them lose.

Back in the hallway, Souichirou uses a forged needle attack at close distance (despite Maya thinking that such a thing is not possible) to break Sagara's leg. Souichirou was using the rotational stance of the forged needle attack constantly and without releasing the energy converted it into "power" directly, which Maya did not know was possible. Nagi accuses Sagara of going rotten, and not knowing what he was fighting for before delivering the final blow.

Chapter 15: Fight: 15 Summary

The chapter opens with a flash-back to Sagara starting his new "Pro Wrestling Club". He is warned that starting a new group is tough, because new groups are crushed quickly by the more established groups. He has trouble collecting members, and they are forced to use the freshman toilet as their training room. Takayanagi Mitsuomi decides to give him a chance though, and will support his group with funds and a training area if he pledges to the Enforcement Group. Souichirou tells Sagara that he would like to fight again, but not when Sagara has been ordered to fight, then Sagara falls over.

Masataka cleans up the remaining guys in the bowling alley, and finds a beat-up Bob, who is protecting Chiaki, hidden away in a locker behind him. As the three try to escape, they run into Mitsuomi and his group leaving the elevator. Mitsuomi is disappointed that with only about 80 opponents, Masataka has to lean on Bob's shoulder as they walk out (probably due to the earlier comedy scene where Masataka's penis gets accidentally caught in his zipper though.)

Chapter 16: Fight: 16 Summary

Mitsuomi accuses Masataka of being the "shame of the Takayanagi family", and allows Kagurazaka, a homosexual (?) lieutenant of his, to fight Masataka. Bob unleashes a flurry of attacks on Mitsuomi, which have no apparent effect, but Mitsuomi is impressed and tells Bob that he has a high opinion of him. He invites Bob to come and study under him. While Mitsuomi asks Bob how long he will chase after Souichirou, Chiaki reminds Bob that anyone could see the potential in him, and he will become stronger with the Jyuukenbu also. Bob resolves to fight, which also inspired Masataka, who has been having a tough time against Kagurazaka.

Chapter 17: Fight: 17 Summary

We return to the rooftop fight between Aya and Tagami. Tagami is shocked that he has not been able to scratch Aya, and explains that the Dragon's Eye is allowing her to see what he will do, and react. Aya begins to become overwhelmed by the power, and starts maniacally laughing, and Maya explains that she is fighting the most important fight of her life: the fight against the Dragon's Eye. Maya tells Souichirou that he should go on ahead to confront her alone.

Chapter 18: Fight: 18 Summary

Aya recounts her battle with Tagami to Souichirou, and she is clearly shaken at how violent and incompassionate she was. Souichirou tells her that his most important rule for fighting is to not think about unnecessary things, and just think that you are going to kill your opponent. Once you are surprised, you have lost. He tells her that she lost this time, but next time she should "win, and smile!!"

Back in the stairwell, Maya meets Tawara Bunshichi, who thinks it was "... quite an unpleasant role". He lets her know that the fighting below has ceased, and the Enforcement Group's troops are leaving. Maya goes up to the roof, where Aya stole a kiss from Souichirou, cheered up, and was asking him about his kiss with her sister. Maya says that she was just imparting "ki" to him after he tried a string of high-level attacks and lost consciousness. Aya tells her that she understands that, but the problem is that Maya doesn't understand the most essential things about herself, probably a reference to the possibility that Maya is falling in love with Souichirou as well.

Back in the bowling alley, Mitsuomi has defeated both Bob and Masataka when Souichirou, Aya, and Maya show up.

Chapter 19: Fight: 19 Summary

When Souichirou meets Mitsuomi, he is told that because of his "impure blood", no matter how strong he is he isn't worthy. Souichirou gets off a few attacks on Mitsuomi, who also uses Sagara's Muscle Bomb defense, and then pops off a "Dragon Style Forged Needle True Buddhist Master Double Dragon Fire Palm" attack. (Looks exactly like a Hadouken to me.) Mitsuomi says that the attack is the basis for the "Forged Needle Attack" that the Natsume family uses, stolen by Natsume Shin.

When confronted by Mitsuomi, the leader of the Takayanagi family that since antiquity has traditionally ruled over all other fighting houses, Maya is told that there is still time for her to come back to his side. Maya will not forgive him for killing her brother and many of her friends.

Meanwhile we see that Isuzu is apologizing to Tawara for having all the troops and even Sagara and Tagami come to this fight. Tawara says that in actuality, Mitsuomi is still in love with Maya, and has never really wanted to destroy the Jyuukenbu. Sagara gives up his mask, saying that he doesn't need it anymore, and that "the ruler is always defeated by a new ruler at some point ...", while seeing a vision of the demon-like Nagi Souichirou.

Tenjo Tenge Volume 4

Chapter 20: Fight: 20 Summary

Mitsuomi used a devastating double dragon palm attack on Souichirou, but as the chapter opens, we see Souichirou enveloped by some mystical swirling. Mitsuomi explains that Ki is stored in the body for internal use, and that there is a limit to how much one can store. There are exceptions though, people with an inexhaustable supply of Ki, enough to heal the damage done by his attack. He is clearly talking about Souichirou, and implies that this quality is what drew Maya to him.

Nagi starts to attack Mitsuomi, and to everyone's shock, he is actually hitting and causing damage to Mitsuomi, who has "godlike defensive abilities." Mitsuomi explains that Nagi's "inexhaustable" supply of Ki does not come from within himself, but instead from the Ki that resides in trees, the sky, and the environment around us. People that can manipulate that external Ki are called demons, and end up committing all kinds of foul acts, like Natsume Shin. Mitsuomi looks like he is ready to kill Souichirou, but just at that moment Tawara Bunshichi shows up and douses him with cold water.

As Mitsuomi withdraws (saying that "the three minutes are up") Chiaki asks Maya what all this is about, why Bob and Souichirou have to be beaten to a pulp: is it really Maya's fault, and what is the fight about?

Chapter 21: Fight: 21 Summary

Chiaki accuses Maya of starting this entire fight just over a simple lover's quarrel, since she and Mitsuomi used to date. She also lets slip that she was, indeed, raped by Ryuzaki.

As Isuzu exits the building, she runs into Kagurazaka whose face was messed up. Masataka pinned him, and he was at his mercy, but then Mitsuomi hit Masataka. Kagurazaka complains, saying that Mitsuomi agreed to let them fight to the end, but then Mitsuomi hits his face, saying that "the fight is over" and that Kagurazaka is a disgrace, and needs to become stronger. When Isuzu asks Kagurazaka, the head of the bodyguard division, where Mitsuomi is, he replies that he's still fighting, and he'll be fine. She goes ballistic, thinking that in a one on one fight she wouldn't care, but when there are more than that...

We move back to Natsume, who explains that Mitsuomi killed her brother two years ago, but that at that time, Mitsuomi was also killed by her brother. He just hasn't died yet, and so has little time to achieve his objective. Mitsuomi can hardly walk, but composes himself, and confidently strides out of the bathroom where he had been recovering.

Chiaki pleads with Bob to quit the Jyuukenbu, Toudou Gakuen and to go to a normal school. As they leave the bowling alley, in the span of only 30 minutes more than 100 people were injured, and it counts as one of the largest battles in school history. Masataka says he doesn't understand the goal of Mitsuomi's Enforcement Group, but he knows that they lost: the Enforcement Group will be more focused because of the existence of the Jyuukenbu, and the five of them acted more as individuals than the 200+ members of the Enforcement group.

Chapter 22: Fight: 22 Summary

We meet Nagi Makiko, Souichirou's mother, who has a strange face mask covering one eye. We also see Takayanagi Masataka at home with his dad. His father says that Mitsuomi has nothing to do with their family, and they should not get involved again. Chiaki tells Bob that she will get a job to support him, and he should quit Toudou so he doesn't have to get beat up every day. After their fight, the members of the Jyuukenbu seemed to have become notorious on campus for holding off so many attackers. Also because of that, many member of different groups were sent to the hospital so now the members of the Jyuukenbu are being accosted by people seeking revenge.

Souichirou and Bob face Kanekita, a member of the 3rd Kendo Club. They defeat him, despite his using a real sword. Maya notices that those two are really progressing, in part due to all the intense competition. The preliminary matches will start soon, but their training has not advanced enough. At the "important meeting" she called, she announces that she has been suspended from school for her role in the large brawl at the bowling alley.

Chapter 23: Fight: 23 Summary

Souichirou gets in some trouble at the class with the Scarred teacher, and then they go and beat up Ryuuzaki in the hospital for a bit. Maya sits at home thinking about whether she should have tried to taken out Mitsuomi at the bowling alley, but in the end she doesn't think that she could really fight Mitsuomi. She notices that someone has opened the lock on an old chest, and fears that Aya has taken Reiki, and cursed sword that their family has held for generations.

It looks like Bob and Souichirou submitted a request to quit school to Tawara Bunshichi, but he tells them they need to think about it before they act and that Maya wouldn't be happy with them if they quit. Bob and Souichirou get in a fight with Bunshichi and Isuzu, and Souichirou confesses his love for Aya as he is beaten, which Aya "sees" with the Dragon's Eye. At that, a sound came from her sword, a rinning "riiiiiin" sound, and Nagi Makiko's eye begins to bleed underneath her mask.

Aya runs to the roof, to cry in the rain.

Chapter 24: Fight: 24 Summary

While Bob and Souichirou are tied up in the Enforcement Group's room, Bunshichi tells them that all the generals of the Enforcement Group are fighting for something they believe in, but what about Bob and Souichirou? Instead of quitting, they should show that they are fighting to the death for a woman they believe in.

Back on the roof, Aya asks the hidden Takayanagi Masataka to keep her crying bout a secret, then runs when Maya comes looking for her to talk about the Katana.

We join Mitsuomi as he fights a huge bull for "practice", Isuzu tells him that someone saw Aya at school with "the ceremonial Katana Reiki". The chapter closes with Aya again crying, trying not to blame Maya and Souichirou, while desperately clutching the ringing Reiki.

Chapter 25: Fight: 25 Summary

We flash back to Aya meeting Mitsuomi for the first time. She is carrying Reiki, after beating up the members of the "Gao Kishi" group, and now faces their leader, Takayanagi Mitsuomi, who thinks she is beautiful.

Back in the present, the Enforcement Group rolls out in numbers to find Aya. He accuses Maya for letting Aya get Reiki, since it was entrusted into Maya's care. Masataka randomly runs into Aya, who asks to stay at his place for the night, which he gladly accepts. Aya offers to cook him dinner, much to his delight.

At Chiaki's place, Bunshichi comes by with Bob and Souichirou. Chiaki asks Bunshichi to explain the story behind Maya and Mitsuomi's fight. Because Chiaki believes in Bob and Souichirou, she wants to believe in the person that they have put their faith into. Bunshichi decides that if Chiaki has enough beer, then he might just be able to tell the long story that might take all night. They start the story at the day that Mitsuomi and Maya first met.

When Maya was eight years old, the Katana Reiki was entrusted to her by her father. The sword has the power of centuries of evil Buddhist ceremonies trapped inside it, and can cause terrible things based on whether the wielder has some sort of "power". For people without any "power" then it is just a normal Katana, and Maya does not have any special abilities, just the power to control Ki and fight so she would make a good "scabbard" for Reiki, unlike her brother or sister. Back when she was 14 and a half, when she met Mitsuomi, all she wanted to do was to become stronger, to be able to rip anything you can touch to shreds, which is what she thought "true strength" was. When they first met, Mitsuomi defeated her easily. Mitsuomi tells her that he knows someone that is stronger than himself, her older brother Shin. In fact, Shin told him to go easy on Maya when she came for him, and Maya went home crying, because again she was thought of as nothing more than a weak younger sister by her older brother.

Chapter 26: Fight: 26 Summary

The chapter opens with an unknown assailant hunting down the members of "Katana", Natsume Shin's group, of which Bunshichi and Mitsuomi are members. Amano Ryuukai is a guy that tries to take credit for the "Katana Hunting" that is going on. When he tells Maya that people always go easy on her because of who her brother is, they get into a fight. Shin and Mitsuomi do not interfere so that she will have to handle things on her own, and bear the pain of watching her get hurt so she can become stronger herself. Back in the present, Mitsuomi tells Maya that he knew then that the only thing in her heart was the shadow of her great brother, and that is when he first felt like he wanted to kill Shin.

Tenjo Tenge Volume 5

Chapter 27: Fight: 27 Summary

The chapter opens with Maya continuing her fight with Amano Ryuukai in the past flashback. Shin and Mitsuomi are watching from the sidelines, and Amano comes over to talk to them. While talking to Shin, Shin discreetly pokes his thumb into Amano, paralyzing him. Maya then tells him that their fight isn't over, and if he won't come to her, she'll come to him (although she doesn't realize that he has been paralyzed by Shin.) Maya finished Amano off, but Mitsuomi notices that he is dying from Shin's discreet attack, and calls for an ambulance.

Mana Kuzunoha, Shin's girlfriend, shows up and stabilizes Amano with her accupuncture technique. She asks to meet with Mitsuomi alone later, meanwhile, Maya confronts Shin about his helping her in the fight. Shin tells her that in truth, he doesn't want her to get any stronger (despite his previous speech about how she needs to improve her technique) and he just wants her to be with him by his side. When Mitsuomi meets Kuzunoha later, she seduces him, asking him if even he is afraid of Shin. Kuzunoha tells Mitsuomi that Shin and Maya are strange siblings - it is more like they are in love - and when it comes to Maya Shin loses all control, using killing techniques when it is not necessary. During Kuzunoha and Mitsuomi's tryst, we learn that Maya is actually the "Katana Hunter".

Chapter 28: Fight: 28 Summary

We re-join Aya and Masataka in the present, as Aya is preparing dinner. Of course, Masataka has some crazy delusions about Aya while she is cooking, and it doesn't help that his dad calls to say that he will be working all night. Mitsuomi and Maya are searching the campus for her still, but decide that she might have gone home. Isuzu and Maya want to bring additional troops, but Mitsuomi insists that they would just be killed, and since he is dead already he will go with alone with Maya. Masataka peeps in on Aya after dinner as she showers, but notices her crying, and returns to his room depressed. Aya comes after him, again hearing Reiki's ringing, and has a terrible fever. In the middle of the night, she wakes, and see a vision of her dead brother Shin, telling her that the sword will only bring her sorrow. He tells her that he will take it, and that she should not "become like me". She protests that she wants to become stronger, and needs the Katana to do it, because it is important (though dangerous) for the Dragon's Eye, so she will not lose to herself, and so that nobody will be hurt by her "power". Shin replies that Reiki will suck all of the power out of her, and when it does she will have to confront all of that power at once: how can she win against that? Aya promises that she will win, but Shin warns her that he did not and that the power will leave behind *nothing* of the loser, and that she will be devoured by it, and die.

Back in a flashback, Bunshichi tells Mitsuomi who the Katana Hunter is. Also, he seems to know about Mitsuomi and Kuzunoha's meetings. We see Shin on his motorcycle, with Reiki, who can psychically hear what people are thinking. Hearing everything that people are thinking is driving him crazy.

Chapter 29: Fight: 29 Summary

Shin opens the chapter beating up a bunch of people just to distract himself. Meanwhile, Mitsuomi and Mana Kuzunoha sleep together again, and she asks whether he would fight Shin if he found out - which is clearly her intent since she has been spreading word around about their affair. Mitsuomi says he would not fight since it would lose anyway. The Katana members confront Bunshichi, accusing him of hiding the identity of the "Katana Hunter" from them.

Back with Mitsuomi and Kuzunoha, she gives Mitsuomi a present, telling him to open it later. She also says that she would not have slept with just anyone, that she has been waiting for him to be admitted to school. Her gift was a Sony Memory Stick, and a pair of earrings. On the memory stick are some videos, at the end they show Shin beating the crap out of a lot of people for messing with his sister. Mitsuomi then remembers that the answer to the question he posed to Mana Kuzunoha, "Why me?", is "in the video".

Chapter 30: Fight: 30 Summary

The chapter opens with a flashback to when Maya was a young child, and Shin was a younger teen. He is holdering a bloody Reiki, and with a crazy look in his eye tells Maya that "We'll always be together from now on".

She visits Mitsuomi who is practicing in the Dojo. He's thinking about Shin, and how he's now afraid unlike he's ever been before: a snake called fear that busted through his gut, coiled around his heart, and devoured it.

We move to another area, where one of the Katana members are beating up one of the friends of Sanada (and Amano Ryuukai?) who took credit for the "Katana Hunting". They said that they found the Katana symbol hung up on the school fence early one morning, with someone that looked like Maya who hung it.

Back in the Dojo, Maya says that she opposes her brother. That in order to protect his "good for nothing sister" her brother became stronger, and now she wants to take away all his power so that Shin can return to normal, and not be the insane beast that he has become for the sake of power, for the sake of protection at the cost of everything else.

Chapter 31: Fight: 31 Summary

Bunshichi thinks that the four Katana members that were beat up by Shin are his responsibility because he tried to hide the identify of the Katana Hunter (Maya) from them. He decides to confront Shin. While people think that "Double Impact Tawara" is the strongest student at Toudou, he is not "scary", so the beaten Katana members doubt whether he can defeat Shin or not.

Natsume Shin goes to meet Takayanagi Dougen and Kuzunoha Mana in the middle of nowhere. We learn from Mana that one of the important functions of the Takayanagi family is the control and management of exceptional people, and that Shin has been under observation by many tens of people since his talent began to manifest itself at a young age. Mana hersel was assigned the role of being "Natsume Shin's girlfriend", but she laments that they "feel so much love for each other" when it would be better if they didn't.

Back with Bunshichi, he discovers that Isuzu has been secretly video taping him. They fight. Tawara wins, and goes in search of Shin.

Chapter 32: Fight: 32 Summary

The chapter opens back in the "present" arc, with a hilarious shot of Chiaki, Bob, and Souichirou reading "Ultra Jump", the magazine that Tenjo Tenge is serialized in. They don't believe the story that Tawara is telling. The story resumes with Bunshichi forcing a reluctant (recurring) cabby to take them to where Shin is based on Isuzu's GPS system. While on the way there, Fu Chi'en and his goons try to stop the taxi, but are unsuccessful. When Bunshichi reaches Shin, it looks like he goes crazy, claiming that Bunshichi is only claiming to be his friend, and they face off.

Chapter 33: Fight: 33 Summary

The fight opens with two scenes of Bunshichi being killed by Shin: both visions from the Dragon's Eye, presumably. Bunshichi decides that he will prepare himself to die, and try to break the Katana as he rushes in, but instead Shin slices through his leg. He then slices through Bunshichi's other leg. Takayanagi Dougen says that over the past ten years, he has been teaching Shin with with the seven virtues of martial arts: courage, justice, benevolence, wisdom, gratitude, sincerity, and honor, but that now Shin has become vile, inhuman, and cruel. After Shin's display of cruelty, Mana slaps him and tries to take Reiki from him. When Bunshichi sees that Shin is not touching the Katana anymore, he punches him hard, saying that he let Shin stab him so that Shin would be caught unprepared. Bunshichi gives him another massive punch, telling him to "Snap out of it", and the volume ends.

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Chapter 100: Fight: 100 Summary

The chapter opens with Masataka at home, forced to eat Cup Ramen before the important first round match. He thinks about everything leading up to the tournament, and his relationship with his brother. Before going to bed, he decides to watch one of the data discs that Kurei has assembled on the other clubs in the tournament. Of course, it turns out to be hidden camera footage from the girls locker room featuring some Jyuukenbu members. Masataka didn't get much sleep that night, and woke up late.

The next day, everyone in the group is in a panic due to Masataka's absence. We see Tagami Shirou take out the entire (weak and disinterested) Shyourinji Kenpo Club on his own, while he deride's the strategy that Isuzu Emi came up with forcing him to fight weak groups for points. While the Jyuukenbu is cut off from Masataka, they are pinned down by the Bowgun Association, who have mysteriously obtained one of the prime archery locations usually dominated by the second Japanese Archery club. Due to Isuzu Emi's strategizing, she agreed to help them out if their association could take out the Jyuukenbu, and set them up with the favorable position. The situation looks bleak, as the Jyuukenbu is pinned down, and Masataka is still nowhere to be found.

Masataka casually pops up through a roof access hatch, surprising himself and the entire Bowgun association, and quickly taking them out at close range. Tagami Shirou pointed him in the "right" direction, since he completely disagreed with Isuzu's tactics. He looks forward to facing the Jyuukenbu in battle.

Chapter 101: Fight: 101 Summary

The Jyuukenbu has survived into the second round of the Election Tournament. Kurei is pissed off at Masataka for being late, and causing their first round matchup to be very difficult, while Masataka feels unfairly accused since in the end he did defeat nearly single-handedly the Bowgun Association.

While Kurei gives a presentation on their upcoming opponents in the second round, one of the Judo groups and the Armor club, Rotsukaku Raika, a member of the Tournament Planning Board who is supposed to watch the Jyuukenbu and referee their matches, shows up. She was late because she decided to "chair walk" to their position, giving Bob and Nagi some strange ideas. She informs them that the other two groups they were supposed to face were mysteriously eliminated, and they have advanced into the third round via forfeit.

We are also introduced to Mayutsubo Nokimi (name is a pseudonym or wrong) who is a Magician and either works with or can appear to be a younger girl that takes out people with a box-cutter.